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Conquering the fears

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Hello all,
Wanted to share something with all of you and maybe, just maybe shed a little hope and laughter. My son was married last week in Jamaica an while we we there I decided to do something totally out of charachter for me. You see, I am deathly afraid of heights, so what did I do? I went Ziplining through the Jamaican rainforest! Holy crap, I cannot beleive that I did it. Check out my expressions page for the photo proof!!!! I have always been afraid of heights and since I was diagnosed with cancer I have come to the realzation that I cannot let my fears get to me anymore, so I took the plunge and it was the most incredible, freeing moment of my life. Don't get me wrong, I was terrifed but I DID IT!
We have faced and some are still facing the most frighting thing in life, Cancer. Don't let it beat you, and get out there and conquer your fears and live the life that you are so blessed to have at the moment!!!!!

What crazy things have you done since getting Cancer?

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So glad that you were able to do that. I would be terrified too. You are one brave person to be up that high :)


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What I failed to mention is that there were 9 lines and the largest was 1200 feet long, an 28 stories high!! My boss was happy to hear that i did this as he has this brilliant idea tp go to Cedar Point and have a team building experience riding roller coasters! I must be nuts but I am considering it. Just found out that there are zipline tours here in Ohio and my friend wants to do it, so we are thinking of going when the fall colors hit here, Now that would be awesome!!!!!

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We just returned to Jersey from a week in Ohio (Akron area) for my son's wedding. The week was already too full of things as it was, but a day of zip lining would have been fun too. We did manage to get in a day at Cedar Point.

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If you ever get the chance to do it Rick, go for it!!! It was amazing!!!!!! look around your area, these tours are the new up and coming thing and they are popping up everywhere!!!

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Linda Z
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I haven't done anything crazy yet but....I'm really wanting a red convertible. Really. Not a damn reason to have one, I have a fine Honda Accord all paid for.........But I want a red convertible. I have a treatment tomorrow and that's all I'll think about!!

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If you live close to North Carolina, let me know and maybe we can hook up and you can take it for a spin. With my 2 abdominal surgeries I was worried about eye hand coordination for some reason and didn't drive it much for several years (I have a boring SUV too) but have really enjoyed it this year.

FYI, some rental car companies have convertibles that may also help you. Go for it.

Lisa P.

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That is very brave! The photo is awesome. One of my nieces was afraid of heights, went on vacation to Australia + bungy-jumped to help overcome her fears. I am trying to think of any crazy things I've done + can't think of any - now I feel boring!

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That sounds like big time fun Kathy and you should be proud of yourself!!! Those cancer cells don't stand a chance with you.

When I decided to stop chemo in spite of my oncologists' recommendations, I was pretty scared about that (to put it mildly). Almost a year later when I was due to go for testing which for all intents and purposes should have been grim news I did something I could and would never have imagined.

We were in a nasty drought and had been for a year and a half. My appts were the next day and I needed to shower and get dinner ready when it started to rain. It was raining pretty good with no lightning so out of the blue I decided to strip down to butt naked and went out in my front yard and had a talk with the big guy/gal upstairs. I still had my colostomy bag at the time and I distincely remember it just a flapping on my side as I danced around AND the look of my dog and cat staring at me out my glass screen door will be something I will always remember. They thought their mamma had lost her mind!!! The next day I heard a word I NEVER thought (stage IV with mets to liver and lung with no surgery options) I'd hear, NED. I've been very fortunate and lucky since (so far).

Then 2 summers ago after my 85 year old father died he left all us kids a little bit of money and I decided to spend it on something I would NEVER "waste" money on....ballroom dance lessons. I still have 2 left feet but at least I understand what the judges are talking about on the dance shows on TV.

Okay, where's Emily to tell us about how she kicked butt in her latest triathlon? I know there are others out there with fun stories. This board needs some serious positive vibes from some of us that have been around a while. Come on down y'all and share yours.

Lisa P.

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Whoa, nelly! You really did do it! Wow! I would NEVER!


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Talk about crazy....two weeks after completing chemo (for my 2nd cancer) I moved down to North Carolina from Northern New Jersey in April of this year. I got a small trailer hitched to the back of my car which only contained my bed, a dresser and a ton of boxes. Packed up the car with my clothes and two cats and had a friend of mine drive my car down (I have neuropathy in my hands and feet from the chemo and can't drive for too long) to NC and then flew him back home a day later. Actually the crazy part is I didn't know anyone down here except one person I became friends with through a young adult cancer organization. I had been wanting to leave the NY/NJ metro area for many years and I guess being diagnosed with cancer for the second time finally lit the fire under my butt to get me going. It also didn't hurt that I work from home and was able to "transfer" my job down with me to NC. Still don't have much furniture yet but at least the neuropathy in my hands and feet is starting to improve a bit. This was the craziest but the best decision I think I have ever made in my entire life.

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I too, have had a fear of heights, still I did the zipline and then did it again (In Mexico). It's amazing to conquer a fear (of course I still have my fear of heights) but in those moments of being able to do it, to laugh at the face of your fear, if just for a few minutes, I know is a great feeling, and I'm so glad you had those moments!!!!
And the Jamaican rainforest of all things, I bet that was just terrific!!!!
Congrats on your son's marriage.
Winter Marie

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And belive me it's no easy!!!

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