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Seven years later....

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...and I'm still here.
I used to post on this board during treatment back in 2003/04, and I popped back on for an update a couple of years ago, but normally I just don't get round to logging in.

This is just to let people know that seven years after diagnosis (tumour in the caecum, T3N1M0) and a right hemicolectomy, I'm fitter than I've ever been with no sign of the cancer. I have no long-term effects to speak of, other than I do seem to be prone to kidney stones which could have something to do with having had the colectomy. I cycle to work most days (20 miles a day) and I'm generally fit as a fiddle.

At the time I posted on here I thought I might be HNPCC - that was confirmed, but it's apparently an abnormality in the 'MSH6' gene, whatever that means. I have a colonoscopy every two years, and visit the hospital once a year, but apart from that all is good.

I really don't think about cancer anymore; the long-term effect on me is that I'm careful not to get stressed at work and I make sure I enjoy life with my family. I had my stroke of luck, many on here don't have the years that I've had, and I will always be grateful.

I know the risk remains, but it's being watched for now so fingers crossed unless I get a new primary in one of the other HNPCC-related organs e.g. bladder, I should be OK.

I still think of all those suffering this terrible disease, but I also remember how much I learned about the love humans can share when times get rough. In many ways cancer was one of the best experiences of my life, though I wouldn't want to repeat it!

Take care everyone!

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Thanks Sheepy for sharing your story of success. It sounds like you are leading a rich, wonderful life. I really appreciate that you came here to share this with us.

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Great to hear from you again and thank you so much for sharing your story Sheepy!

You look great and keep up the great attitude and outlook. Stop back in when you can to spread the good news!

Lisa P.

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Fabulous! Sounds like you're doing great! Thanks for sharing your story. Come back again at least in another 7 years, so we can see how you're doing. *smiles*


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Nana b
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Thank you!! I need to get my bike out, although it's pink and has a white basket with a horn, I think I can still get the exercise I need! Now where is that beach cruiser hat!

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Isn't it amazing, how we all share the same feelings?

Seven years!

It seems so impressive to so many of us, the thought of actually being
able to remain alive for such a long time after the dreaded diagnosis.

Most of us are happy to get through one or two years, and just hope
we'll see one more....... and to think of -seven- more....!

When, prior to cancer, did we ever stop to consider our longevity?
When did we ever before, feel grateful for being able to awaken
to another day? When before, have we ever taken the time to listen
to others problems, and feel the compassion we seem to so easily
share now?

It's amazing, the changes that having cancer can make to us....

It's too bad, that those who never had the "cancer experience" take
cancer so much more lightly than us; taking life so much for granted, and
never, ever counting years and being thankful for each passing one.

Just as we had just a short time ago.....

Congrats on the seven, Sheepy.... May there be seventy more!


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Thanks for stopping by and sharing such an ecouraging story of survival. It's great to hear the life stories of our long term semi colon members.


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Congratulations, this message is truly inspirational. Have a wonderful day.

Peace and Blessings,

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Great news that you have been NED so long! Join us in Fort Worth for Colon Palooza 8. I don't know where you are from, but many would love to celebrate with you.
Jo Ann (who has been NED for 5 years this month)

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Sheepy that is excellent. Thank you so much for sharing. I was finished Chemo in March I am just now finishing up a full year of trying to work hard through the terrible disease called Cancer. It has been such a struggle - but yet such a colidiscope of emotions that I would have never had without it. My post scan is all clear and I am ever so thankful. I have so much to live for and hope to be telling the same beautiful tale you are in years to come. God Bless you, stay healthy and live your life to the fullest. Sheepy I hope to meet you at the Palooza - Jams67 when is the Palooza and how do I make arrangements to attend. Hugs.

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Your story brings so much hope and I for one thank you for sharing it. I admire how you have been able to go on from cancer, I am trying everyday to get there too, as I am almost 2 yrs clear of the beast. Cant say I dont have long lasting side effects, but nothing I cant live with. Again thank you for sharing and I pray for your continued health.

God Bless you

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Good to hear from you mate , glad you are doing well. Don't know what it is about the stones .I lost my gallbladder and have had three attacks of kidney stones,but no cancer . Out to nearly 13 years now. Stay well,Ron.

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I'd love to be here a year from now, let alone 7 or 13 years......steve

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