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Words of encouragement

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Hello Ladies,

It has been one month since my hysterectomy and I am feeling almost back to normal. I had been telling everyone that I am emotionally doing fine, but knew that deep down inside I was not.

I saw a therapist this past friday and I think that talking honestly about cancer and the feelings of loss due to not being able to ever bear children brought a lot of feelings out. I have been putting on a happy face to protect my loved ones, especially my mother who is emotionally fragile due to my cancer and other family situations.

Deep down inside, I am terrified that the cancer can come back and I said this out loud for the first time this weekend to my husband.

Would love to hear how you managed these feelings and if they ever really go away as you reach different milestones such as 3 month check ups, 6 month check ups, etc.

In sisterhood...

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Just hearing the word cancer is enough to push us into overdrive, then hear about hysterectomy and treatments.....wow!

I was on a roll to just complete my treatments and then think life would be normal...NOT!! I found a wonderful non-for-profit here in St Louis called The Wellness Center. Find one in you area, as they're all over the country? Since I started my treatments Feb '09 I've gone to a therapy group once per week for 2 hours. I sit with a group of women who've all been diagnosed with cancer over the last few years. Some are in treatments, some are barely holding their own with life and basically, just enjoy chatting and learning from others in the group to know I'M OKAY.

This group has been my saving grace to know I can get thru this and life will be just fine. Just because we get thru surgery and treatments, doesn't mean life will be normal again, therefore, we have to learn how to take each day as a new day. My group has held my hand thru it all and without them, I'd be a mess.

I don't know if the fear from having to endure on-going scans every gets better, but surely know support from others who've been there truly helps.

Keep your chin up and know support from others does help us endure.

Best to you during your journey!

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Thank you so much Jan for encouraging me that things get better. It seems tht cancer doesn't want to let go. Today my brother was diagnosed with leukemia.

No one deserves cancer, and my family didn't deserve to have two kids diagnosed with different forms of cancer within a 6 week period.

It's just such a sad day for me because i know exactly how he feels.

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You know we have to work with what God gave us and throws at us. I find as I receive these challenges I'm a stronger person. I do agree when we're in the middle of the crisis, we're very unstable and have so much uncertainty....we do get thru it!

Sorry to hear about your brother's diagnosis, but you and he can be a great support for each other.

We're here for you so plse keep us posted on your progress.

((( hugs )))


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thanks for your words of encouragement. In a turn of events, they called us to let us know that he was misdiagnosed! I guess they didnt look at his complete medical record and what else could be causing the anomalies.

Needless to say, I am looking for the doctor to give him a piece of my mind.

So grateful he doesnt have to go through this and extremely grateful for all my cancer sisters on here.

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I am new to this whole thing too!
At first I could not even say rhe word CANCER. I have just completed treatment and still am scared too. But I learned that we can't give that word to much power or else it wins. Yes we are in a battle but with a lot of help from a lot of caring people we can win!
I am glad your brother is OK. How scary you must have been. You will feel better in time. Give yourself a chancr to grieve what is gone but then live your life like crazy. This site is so terrific because everyone here is so supportive.
Keep Posting!

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Dear MMurcia,

I am glad you are seeing a therapist. I think it helps to have a safe haven to just talk about your fears and losses. There is anger too. We go through so much trauma with this cancer, I think we all need a therapist to explore our feelings with; to help us to heal. You took a big step and I am very proud of you.

I am sorry you had to go through all the anguish with your brother's misdiagnosis. Good grief! Someone dropped the ball bigtime!

Sometimes an antidepressant helps too. Don't be afraid of the stigma. You have been through so much. We know how much you've been through. They are easy to come off of too.

Thinking of you.


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