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bad taste after chemo

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Hey just wondering if anyone still had that nasty chemo taste after treaments were over? It has been 5 weeks since my last chemo and I still get that weird taste....Would appreciate any advice on getting rid of it...Thanks!!!

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Have you tried Biotene mouthwash?? I don't have the bad taste anymore but still use the mouthwash.



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That weird "cotton mouth" taste only lasted probably 2-3 weeks after the last chemo for me, but I also used the Biotene mouthwash all through chemo, and it really helped with that for me.


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The pink sisters I know that have that taste use Biotene mouthwash. You can buy it at any drugstore.

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jo jo
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I didnt get my taste buds back for awhile after chemo either...if i can remember (thats an understatement) i think mine returned about a month and a half. I didnt do anything about mine it just finally went away on its own...maybe thats why it lasted so long...DUH on me, for not realizing it before now!

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Okay, I am a freak. Hot/not too hot water and lemon juice with honey. I sipped- but, only when I did'nt have mouth sores!!!!! It helped me. xoxo

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Isn't that funny? I could drink plain green tea. The minute I put honey in it, it tasted like crap. Guess all taste buds react differently.


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The bad taste is so unpleasant. The oncologist gets upset with me for losing weight but who can eat when everything tastes like yuck! I did find that a Chocolate Chocolate Misto from Rita's was the one thing I could eat that I could taste. I think the cold helped freeze out the yuck, but it was only that flavor...my brother told me that during his chemo he could taste grilled cheese...didn't work for me. I just finished my last infusion and am counting down to day 21 which will be the official last day of my last round! I looking for signs of taste and hair! I just want to drink a Cosmo!

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Jean 0609
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Congratulations on your last chemo. You are a little ahead of me, so have a Cosmo for me too!

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Here here MerleBee!

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Are you referring to the metallic taste some people get while having chemo? If this is what you are talking about it does help to not use metal utensil's, I always switched to heavy plastic utensils when the metallic taste arrived. For me this taste remained until all chemo treatments were over and done with. I would suggest mentioning it to your doctor as well just to be sure there is not some suggestion he can give you.


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I didn't have a bad taste - could not taste anything at all. Couldn't tell the difference detween honey, lemon or horseraddish or anything else for that matter until about 2 mths after last Chemo. It was probably close to a year after 1st Chemo bewfore all 'taste' came back.


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For most, the return of taste buds and being rid of dry mouth and strange tastes in the mouth can take a while.

I used a rinse of baking soda and water 3 or 4 times day. Helps get rid of dry mouth as well as moisturizing and also very good for mouth sores.

Hang in there...it gets better.

Love. light & laughter,

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