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Blood Type A - More likely to be diagnosed with cancer?

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I read that statement in a book (blood type A has more cancer than other blood types)-didn't know if anyone else has heard of it or knows anything about special diets based on blood type. Just a thought.

Just got back from Anna Maria Island near Bradenton Florida. My daughter loved the beach and the pool. After dealing with cancer since January of 09, we needed a vacation. My husband took a month and a half off of therapy. He looks healthy again. The Chemo really does a number on the body. He will continue with folfiri & Erbitux tomorrow. I don't know how long the doctor will plan on having him take both, but it is working and we are pleased about that.


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Glad you had a good time one vacation and that hubby is regaining health.

I have never heard of a particular blood type being more prone to cancer.

I have O negative.


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sometimes I need a vacation when I get home again. LOL So glad that you all enjoyed yourselves and was able to relax. I love beaches. Could live on one.

I think I just read that same article. Very interesting, isn't it?

I'm O+ for the record.

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"In the United States, 37% of the population has type O+ blood, making it
the most common type. It's followed closely by A+, with 34%."

So, it's kinda' like saying that Ford cars are parked in more garages
than Chrysler cars.


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I don't know about that statement, but it intrigues me, since I'm A positive.


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interesting i am A pos

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I am A+, my Mom is A+ and has had cancer 3 times in her life, and 2 of my 3 kids are A+.The son who is not A+ ( he is O+ ) is the healthiest of us all. All of us A+'s have crappy auto-immune diseases and of course 2 of us, me & Mom have had cancer.


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it could be true, but who knows? I am A-.

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Hmmm... I thought I had responded, but the response I typed up is not here. Who knows what I did with it!

I'm afraid I don't buy into this, interesting as this theory may be. I am 0 positive, which means nothing to me other than I was told that it is one of the most common blood types, hence if there is a shortage of blood, I could donate and more people could possibly use it than the other blood types. Of course, now, they wouldn't want it, but back before I knew I had cancer, it was something I tried to do (hmmm...in hindsight, they said my tumour had been growing for at least 10 years if not longer by the time it was diagnosed... so all those years I was donating blood, I wonder how many poor souls go my blood and hopefully they don't have cancer now :/)

Anywho... I digress. So I'm 0 positive and I bet if you polled everyone on this forum there would be a high percentage that are 0 positive and other types other than A.... so much so that the odds will be pretty even, or even that there are more people who aren't A+ and we ALL have cancer. Just like if you poll say all the people at a Fitness centre, figure out how many are A+ and how many are other blood types and then find out that the majority going to the gym DO NOT have cancer.

See, the thing with polls, surveys and any kind of statistic, you can play and play and play with the numbers and have them bend to whatever you want them to say. That's why it's never ever good to go by "averages" or "statistics" because you have no idea who was conducting the survey and what did they want to prove. You can pretty much take any figures and bend them however you want... that's what is so much fun about playing with numbers.

So, I don't fall in the A group, but I do have cancer.... my 3 siblings (2 brothers and a sister) DO fall in the A group. All three of them are A+ but none of them have cancer. So in our little family of 4 siblings, 1 is the common 0 positive and 3 are type A positive but it's the 0 positive that has gotten hit by the cancer monster. So that just blew the theory there, on a much smaller scale.

Anywho... interesting read, but I wouldn't put too much into it.

Just my .02 worth.


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