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3b survivors out there

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Just wanted to know how many are 3b and for how long thanks. Sue

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Hi Sue, I was diagnosed in May 2008, had 4 chemos and 35 rads. My last treatment was Aug. 19, 2008, I go every 3 months for Ct scans, had pet scan Oct.2009 - go for next ct scan Sep.3rd. Best of health to all..... Dan

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It's great to hear about people doing so well! I was diagnosed in November 2009 and have had one round of 6 chemo treatments and 6 radiation treatments for a small cervial met. The cervical met is gone but the lung tumor is still there, although smaller. I feel good and am both working (have my own business) and living almost normally. I have some fatigue and some lingering problems with my nasal passages after chemo, but for the most part I feel fine. Is there anyone else who feels as good as I do?

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my dad was just diagnosed with 3b nsclc last month. he starts chemo & radiation this week. I am scared

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Hi Sue,
I never asked what stage I was, but if I follow the staging steps correctly I think I would have been a 3b: tumor in one lung, small tumor in the other, some lymph node "involvement". That was 2005. No idea what I am now, I'm in remission/NED since early this year.
You'll do fine, Sue, you're young and hopefully resiliant. What kind of treatment are you on?


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stayingcalm - how inspiring! i love your story!!

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