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Best Day EVER!!!

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Some of my wonderful friends organized a poker run today for my benefit. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I got to ride b#*!h on the back of a Harley. I met so many great people. Now I want to be a full time biker b#*!h. How does one apply?

I guess if there is a bright side to having cancer, it would definitely be all the fantastic people you get to meet. It really restores my faith in humanity. Of course being surrounded by so many good lookin' biker dudes is a plus too.


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That's fabulous! Sounds like you have some very caring friends.


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It's been quite a while since I considered any "bright side" of cancer. Thanks for sharing. You really lifted me up.
The day sounds awesome. Were there any hot biker babes there too? I'd totally ride b#*!h on a Harley.
Good Times.

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Joined: Jul 2010

Oh yes, there were many hot biker babes there too!!! Since things are not going well for me in the romance department, thinkin' I might have better luck if I switch teams. ;)LOL


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Dang it girl.... Just between you and me, just to hear a Harley engine, makes me tingle in the tender regions.

About those applications? If you find out how to enroll in biker b*)ch 101, let me know.

It makes me smile to know you had a great day. I did too. I didn't do a dang thing but pick peas and shell 'em, but hey, it wasn't a bad day.

My now 21 year old nephew was diagnosed with leukemia about 3 years ago. The farming community they live got together and put on an auction and food fest of the likes I've never seen. My brothers and dad have long been respected in this community and it raised about $96K for him to pay for treatments. Owners of several companies donated televisions, a brand new pickup and other things like furniture, appliances, guns and other goodies. What a great world we live in, isn't it? It really does bring back the hope that humanity isn't gone.

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Right when we lost all hope in people we see something that makes us smile :o) I'm sooo happy that you had a great day!!


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It sounds like a great day! Your friends sound wonderful too!


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Your smile is sooo pretty...Glad to see it and I bet it was a great time....Good for you sweetie, good for you.....Love to ya, Buzz

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...sounds like you've got a great bunch of friends :-)

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nothing like riding a harley with the wind in your hair there are alot of riders in az and alot of women riding baggers there are classes here to learn to ride motorcycles. I thought i would like to ride but to tell you the truth i just want to ride behind angel not with out him , so i will not do the classes but that is just me. i see those women riding the big bikes and have the up most respect for them those bikes can weight 600 pounds and up .A benefit ride that is awsome I know that can help alot bikers are good people too.


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So glad that you had a great time!! FYI, I am one of those biker B&^*ches! My hubby has a Harley and the feeling of being on the road with the wind blowing is awesome!!!! I have thought about learning how to ride myself as thie "new" me is constantly trying to do new things!!!

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So glad for your special day. Hope you have more of them.


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So happy you had a great day.
I used to ride my bikes for years, got my first one at age 14. (My dad sold Yamaha's so I got it at cost, LOL), been through Yamaha's, Honda's, a Triumph, never got to feel a Harley between my legs though, oh well. I'm glad you had a wonderful time, which conjured up wonderful memories for myself!!!

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Left Coaster
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Hi Nursesheri,

Sounds like you have a great group of friends that are very thoughtful. How is your pokerface? Hope you find a great guy that can appreciate the squishy heart of a nurse.

Take care,


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I am currently running a biker bi**h apprentice school if yoou would like to attend....
Love your positive posts....keep em coming they really brighten up the board.

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Glad you have such great friends, and that you had such a wonderful time. You have learned the not so secret world of the "biker"! So my question is when will I see you "in the wind"?
In my own case, my bike has been a great source of motivation, provided my mind a reprieve from the world of cancer, and has kept my faith in my fellow humans. There are wonderful people out there, and it sounds like you met quite a few. Good luck on the 101 program, and believe me with that smile and your attitude, you will be able to catch a ride anytime you want! ;).
So happy for you and the wonderful day you had, may this be the first of many joyful memories for you!

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