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What treatments other than irinotecan, oxaliplatin, xeloda, avastin, 5-FU

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My husband has been on all of these at one time or another along with trying 4 different clinical trials. All have failed. Is anyone on other chemo regimens that are working - shrinkage or even stable disease? Dr said we are running out of options. I have not seen anyone post anything new - a new combination of drugs in a long time. I know Lisa42 is on Gemzar, Avastin and Xeloda - would love to know what others are taking at this time. He's getting weaker, sicker, and Dr said will not qualify for other clinical trials. Very sad. Don't want to give up - he is asking doctor for more treatment. Has partial blockage of small intestine. Mets in liver and peritoneal lining no mets in lungs. Had ascites fluid taken off this week from abdomen - just trying to find other chemo options.

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Wishing your husband the best. My cocktail has been Oxy-Avastin-Xeloda, it has shrunk all my tumors from what the onc says.
Unfortunately what may work for one may not work for another. I hope you find some combination that works very soon.
My heart out to both of you during these trying times of cancer.
Winter Marie

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Thanks for your reply. Our cocktails worked for a short period of time....have not had Xeloda but have had 5-FU pump many times. Folfiri for over 9 months and did pretty good. But after that....things have not worked. Don't want to go to hospice - on home health care now for nutrition reasons. On TPN for nutrition due to partial blockage in small intestine. My husband has cried on and off today thinking his doctor has given up on him. We thought we could ask him about specific combinations next Friday - our next appointment. We need to go in with asking about this that or the other possibilities. Trying times of cancer for so many....I too hate cancer! Blessings to you today...

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He was tested and would not be a candidate for Erbitux? I am glad he is getting the TPN for nutrition. I think that is important. It stinks the doctors think he is running out of options and that he has been resistant to the chemo so far. I am glad to hear he still has that fighting spirit. Did he try the clinical trial Perifisone?
Keeping you in my prayers.

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Hello Marie - No he did not get to go on the Perifosine trial like we had hoped. Did not qualify - Dr said he would not qualify for any clinical trail as long as he was on TPN and had partial blockage in small intestine. He has been on an ARRAY trail - don't recall the numbers that go with this one. KRN330 plus Irinotecan - and a PI3K Inhibitor - he is KRAS mutated so Erbitux and Vectibix are not an option. The Perifosine trial we would love to try even with it being a randomized selection - one of our doctors at the clinic is principal head investigator for this trial Dr. Johanna Bendell - great doctor - if she could get us on this trial I'm sure she would do all she could for us. They took out 8 liters of ascites fluid last Thursday from his abdomen - 8 liters! Not good! He's so weak - we just need to get something for him soon or I don't know how much longer he will last. One good thing so far is he has very little pain. Mostly in his lower back only since they took all this fluid off. I guess everything going back into place after taking out all this fluid...not sure. Thanks for your prayers Marie - I hope you are doing well - I would appreciate if you hear of anything else others are on right now to please let me know. Blessings dear to you and your family.

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Not sure what trials he's tried. My last trial was TMZ and ABT 888. It wasn't a complete failure as most of my lung mets and all of my liver mets remained stable. I have been asked to go on a different trial and will post the name tomorrow. I'm too tired (or lazy...whichever you prefer) to go downstairs to get the paperwork. :-)


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Thanks Sheri for sharing this information. Will check out these trials. You can see my comments to Marie on this discussion. Don't think he will qualify for any trials right now. Have you or anyone ever heard of Abigail Alliance check it out here

Great service they have been fighting congress for - called the Compassionate Access Act - to help terminally ill patients who have failed all clinical trials and standard treatments get access to chemo drugs - clinical trials - without having to meet all the trial qualifications and not have to wait for them to be approved by FDA. I'm trying to contact them to see if they can help us get access to the perifosine clinical trial. This trial is being conducted at our clinic - one of our doctors is head doctor for this study but they say my husband does not qualify. It is the first Phase III trail for cc in a long time - would love to get on this clinical trial. Please pray for us that this will happen soon or I'm afraid things are going to get worse for my husband. Thanks for sharing in this discussion - blessings to you today and always.

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