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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Bone Mets

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Hubby had an early morning call from the hospital yesterday, his latest bone scan showed mets to the spine.They wanted him to come up for radiation treatment right away as it was close to the spinal cord.He was a few hours for the set up and treatment and he was back again for more treatment this morning.He will be receiving treatment again on mon. tues. and wed.We have a routine check up already scheduled for thursday and will be updated then.His last psa reading was 81.6 so they must have suspected that it had spread.At diagnosis last spring he was a Gleason 9 and his psa was around 30 after treatment with hormone tablets and injections his lowest reading was 9.6 and it started climbing quickly.Until recently he has been feeling well but has had some neck pain in the last few weeks.We are in Northern Ireland so we use the National Health Service they treat us well and the Onco unit is very new but we don't get many details just told what they plan to do next, which up until now has'nt been much.Just worrying about what comes next.

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That is not the news any of us want to hear. It is good that the doctors paid attention and got him in treatment.
Let us know how he does with the radiation.

My best wishes for both of you.

(I had Davinci surgery + adjunct radiation)

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My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Each of us faces our own version of this disease, but I always see a unified concern when a fellow survivor needs support. I will be watching for updates and hope and pray for the positive

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I was dx in 2003 with Gleason 9 and psa of 24. I took one hormone shot to shrink the tumor and 40 radiation treatments. They gave me a 50% chance to survive 2 years at that time. I took no more treatment since then as I perferred a better quality of life, which I have had. In May my test showed many bone tumors with the spine totally involved and I was given about 6 months to live and have chosen hospice care. I no longer have to see a doctor as the nurse comes here every week and all medicines for side effects of pain, etc, are free. I still have a part time job, garden, mow grass, play golf and can still do anything I need done. The one thing you need to stop doing is the worrying as that causes stress. Stress is not allowed in my life and I do nothing to encourage it nor do I let it come here. I wish you all the best with whatever path you choose and that you survive happily.

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2nd, I am glad to see you are still posting here as you are an inspiration to all of us to hang in there. I am an convinced that attitude is everything, it may not cure us but definately can give us hope and desire to continue. God bless everyone here

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Many thanks to all of you.Just when you think things are bad along come folks like you and it
makes such a difference.Knowing we are not alone and that people we have'nt even met realy do care lifts the spirit.Thank you for sharing your own experiences it is a big help.God bless you and yours. jacqui.g

griff 1
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thank you for posting, you have an awsome attitude and i have to commend you on your life. your job i bet helps you alot in keeping thoughts out of your head. strees is a factor thats for sure. i know it would be hard for me to have that kind of attitude in that situation and i will think of your post in hard times. goodluck griff

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Thanks for sharing your situation. This for all of us is like a voyage into the unknown. My best wishes to both of you. Just finished a great book by Sir Francis Chichester who sailed around the world solo while suffering from lung cancer in 1967: "Gipsy Moth Circles the World". A great story of adventure you may enjoy. Villa

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