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Getting my MOJO back.

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Joined: Apr 2010

Sharing helps. I felt so lost and so lethargic, to reach out, and to write was such an effort. I am glad I posted my caretaker, post treatment funk (PTF); and recieved all of your wonderful responses. Also, Skiffin's thread with all of the pictures of the people around you all, who love and support and care for you...is incredibly moving and enpowering. In the words of Sirena, "I love this site"!
Thank you everyone!

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I love this site too! The pictures are great! They made me tear up..
I imagine this post looks funny with my husbands picture:)
I showed him and he was really moved too..

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Joined: Aug 2010

I'm very new here, and have learned a lot...and really appreciate the positive vibe. I check in throughout the day to see what I can learn for you all and "feel the love".

A great weekend to all.

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Glenna M
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Kim, I'm so glad to see your positive attitude is returning. You were always so positive and strong throughout Mark's treatments that it was heartbreaking to read your caregivers thread.

I knew you would bounce back because you are one strong lady ;-)

I love this site also and all of the beautiful people I have met here. The new pictures was a great idea and I'm happy that John thought of it. Although I still can't get used to seeing my husbands picture instead of my dog - lol.

My best to all,

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Glad that you are feeling better....

Thanks for the comments on the photos, it was Kim inspired..

Great Week-End Ahead,

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You go Kim!!!! Glad to hear you are better now. Your post helped me too as it let me vent a little. Hang in there!!


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Glad you are starting to get it back kim. Keep moving forward and be strong ;)

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We are draw strength from each other and that is what family is all about, I too love this site because I feel like I am here with my family who understands me when no one else does.

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Hondo you hit the nail on the head, " I am here with my family who understands me when no one else does.". I can't tell you how true this is, as I feel the same. I can come here and talk and ask questions without having a funny face looking back at me.

It is really heart warming.

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Kim, I'm so happy that your positive side is back. It broke my heart to hear you so down. You're an awesome person and deserve all good things. Take care and find joy in the fact that you are loved and needed even if we forget to say it sometimes!!
God bless you friend,

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