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Our new addition - Share about your Pet (s)

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Thought I would share a couple of pictures of our new addition. In keeping with our flower theme...we named her Rosie. Some of you may remember Lilli from my previous profile picture. She is 2 1/2, a little prima-donna and our second yorkie. I had another named Sassy that lived to be 12. She passed in 2008. Just prior to my original diagnosis. I got an email from my groomer on July 18 asking if I would be interested in a yorkie that she was fostering. I said... "maybe". Went to see her on the 20th and could not believe how cute she was. Very cautious, but I could tell she had a sweet personality. Story was that a lady who had recently gotten a dog from a local rescue group found her roaming a neighborhood and spent 45 minutes trying to catch her. No collar or tag. She contacted the head of the rescue group requesting that she take her. This woman had just fosterd a german sherpard with a litter of puppies, so was hesitant to take Rosie. Eileen, Lilli's groomer, has fostered several dogs for the group and agreed to take her. Eileen knows how much I adore Lilli and that she has a good home here and thought I might be interested. Lost ads were run in the local paper and postecd on Craigs list for 10 days and no one ever stepped up to claim her. She was also checked for a micro-chip. Nada! We got Rosie on the 22nd (the day after my second chemo) and she is certainly a special little dog. She immediately decided that she would be my shadow. Chemo put me in the bed by Friday and she decided that Lilli would just have to accept that she was going to be right up there on the bed too. She does seems quite timid around men; wish she could tell me her story. She has warmed up to my husband, slowly. My son Justyn, who lives across the street, wants her to love him so badly. I see a little improvement every time he drops in. She went to the vet today and got a good health report. She weighed 3.15 lbs. Lilli weighed 3.14 lbs., I couldn't believe they are so close in size. Vet said she is between 4-6 years old. She has not been spayed so that is on the horizon for her. And she needs a teeth cleaning. Lilli is having a hard time adjusting to sharing my affection, but I am seeing improvement. They bring me so much joy. Such unconditional love really is a spirit lifter. Our son's pitbull, Daisy, also lives with us. What a combination, right? She is a sweetheart. So very tolerant and gentle with the little gals. Lilli rules the roost and Daisy just lets her have her way. I will post a picture of Daisy also on my expressions page. Thanks for allowing me to gush about my "girls".

I would love to hear about and see pictures of your pets.

Smiles and best to all,

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I've added a pic of my two kitties, Max & Molly on my expressions page. Your dogs are so cute! Pets are great!


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I have 4 cats, which were strays in my neighborhood. I initially had 3 big dogs who have all since passed away from old age. When my last dog was 15, I captured my 1st stray cat. I knew I had always wanted a cat, after my dogs past away because I'm away from home at work for about 10 hours a day. I also knew that it would be difficult to lose my last dog, and needed another pet for comfort. Well Lilly my 1st told Molly my 2nd to come over too. Then Collie showed up #3. Okay enough I thought 3 is plenty. Then I spotted Jadie walking up and down the street in search of food, I think my neighbor had a abandoned her. Well I captured her. Okay so I have 4 cats, who I love dearly, and now that is enough. Lori

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Thanks for sharing. I LOVE cats, even though I am allergic to them. My best friend has 2 Maine **** cats. They are HUGE!!! LOTS of fur!!! When I visit they want to crawl all over me, I start on benedryl before I leave Tampa and stay drugged up till I leave. It is worth it!!!

Edited: It will not let me type c o o n in normal type, so I tried it spaced out; alrighty then. Hope you get the jest of it.

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I posted a pic of my kitty on my about me page. This is my kitty Skittles. I got her from a friend whos kitty had kittens. She is my little shadow and I don't know what I would do with out her!

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