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Incontinence--------the continuing Saga--New Doctor

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After my last encounter of having my record or surgery basically lost. My new Doctor will be giving me a Botox Injection on Oct 11. Not so sure what the other Doctor gave me. I was told it was Botox, but there's no record to be found. And no change--so maybe it was Saline solution---we may never know.


hopeful and opt...
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if your insurance coverage provider has a record of what they paid out, and for what service and drug..........good luck......Ira

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For me, incontinence is worse than the cancer. I had no symptoms with the PC, everything worked, life was good, except I had cancer. Incontinence is right there at you every day unrelentless in its emotional and physical assualt.

Lion, I hope the new doctor works for you. I had to change doctors, too, and found it to be a good move and have been thankful since day one for making the change.

My own continuing battle with incontinency moves over to U of MI this Wednesday- I can hardly wait.

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I hope trew and lion 1 find what they are looking for. I have read both your sagas and will pray you both find peace and complete continence.


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And HighTide is getting his new parts activated on Aug 11- big week for some of us, for sure.

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