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My Good News continued

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Saw my gyn-onc finally for his thoughts on test results - essentially a clean CT and ca125 of 15 -- re continuing chemo or not. His words were 'phenomenal response to chemo' and 'complete remission'. For how long? could be forever ;-), just noted with this type of cancer (UPSC) the caveat that it does tend to recur.

Cancelling chemo had been my choice in his absence, but his M.O. is to do 2-3 cycles post normal values on tests. He considers me to have been in remission since June round of chemo, when ca125 dropped to 31, so I've already done one 'post' round. Since I'm about to go on vacation, he has ordered a PET scan to see if anything lights up and we'll reconvene in 4 weeks to revisit status and options.

So for now, I'm going chemo-free and embracing the anti-cancer way of life!

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Great news indeed! Thanks for sharing and Happy Vacation!


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Great news! Keep the faith and keep eating those phyto (fight-o) foods!

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I am SOOO happy for you....Keep plugging away on the Anticancer diet....you will reign!!!
Look forward to your next scan report...

Enjoy your vacation!!

HUGS, Karen

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Thanks for sharing your good news!!!!

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So happy to hear your continued good news. Glad you can be "chemo-free" now and forever.
Enjoy your well deserved vacation. Good luck with th anti-cancer way of life. In peace and caring.

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such great news! enjoy your chemo-free, anti-cancer way of life and vacation!! thanx for sharing your wonderful news.


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That is such great news- thank you for sharing :)

Best to you,


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Congratulations Annie!

Enjoy your vacation! I am sooo happy for you!


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I am happy for you! Isn't funny I got a tremendous response from doxil and gemzar was the gem for you! I am wrapping you in happiness and giggles!


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Smile and dance on....

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ENJOY! I'm so very very happy for you!


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Thanks so much for all the good words! I'm so glad I have a place to come to where I can share -- the good, the bad, or the ugly, with others who have and do walk in the same shoes.
Thanks for being here. Annie

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You are obviously doing many things right. I'm so happy for you. Mary Ann

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