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Second update on Jim after seeing Doctor at Loyola

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Well as you know we were pretty upset after the report Tuesday on all of the lesions on the CT scan, however I am so relieved to say that when we saw Doctor Shoup yesterday she told us that things aren't nearly as bad as they looked on that report! She went on to explain that the radiologists at these other facilities are not familiar with the work they do at Loyola and that all but one of those spots on the scan were simply what was fluid filled patches from where the ablation was done. There is one spot she is concerned about and they will watch that and he will go ahead with chemo as planned. We are a bit emotionally exhausted, but much better than we were on Tuesday. I'll let you know what chemo cocktail the Doctor decides on, and we will in the future always get Dr. Shoups read on the CT scan first!!! :-) Sorry for the extra worry! Thanks for the responses.

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Happy to hear you got good news!! May it continue for all your days.

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So very glad that the doc had much better news.

Don't worry about the 'extra worry'. At the time it was real and you needed support...that is a big part of why everyone is here...to prop each other up as we go through this...besides, the good news definately outweighs the bad!

Best wishes to you both during this next treatment phase.


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Bit if an emotional roller coaster for you, but the fews is good! Best of Luck with the upcoming chemo.


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That is great news. Phew! What a relief. Pls keep us updated on chemo plan -- and best wishes with that.


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Such good news about Jim, glad things turned out well.


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I'm so glad for you. What a relief.
Prayers from this end.
Winter Marie

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Thanks for letting us know. I am so glad to hear things are much better than you thought.

I hope you two enjoy your weekend.


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After reading about everyones scans, it is my belief that everyone has an enlarged or thickened some. I am glad Jim's "extras" are of no real concern!

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Amen and Yippe yahoo. so glad for better report.



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I am happy for you and Jim. Good news. It's bad enough that we all worry when it comes to scans and then for someone to read it and give you worriesome news. Glad to hear doc. had better news. Good luck with everything. Margaret

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