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Finished lymph node removal

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Hi Everyone, I've caught up on posts and wish everyone the best. I've mainly been watching my favorite commercials this last week recuperating from neck dissection of the left side. Everything went smooth, but I want to quickly give a few specifics for those of you contemplating post treatment surgery to remove some of those pesky lymph glands.

My surgery was on one side, my left. I chose to have it because my one area of any activity after my 6 month PET continued at 3.3; I got tired of worrying about that spot. The surgery took two to two and one-half hours. Fifteen lymph nodes were removed. They included the remaining node (of two, the first being removed in original diagnostic biopsy) that showed spread from my BOT primary. That node, and two more, total of three, showed some presence of SCC, so the surgeon says good we removed them. Again, the two next to the originally affected node did not show in the PET, as the amount was simply too small. The surgeon said there was no way to tell if the radiation treated nodes would have spread the c anytime now or later, but was glad to lose them. Me too. Other lymph glands further away from the originally affected node showed nothing. Now we are on a three-month (with him) schedule and regular watch cycle.

Recovery has been o.k. I've apparently suffered no lasting ill from the operation. My ENT had told me that about 5% have a non-major loss of vertical movement from the shoulder on the side treated, or ongoing numbness in the neck or shoulder. After eight days my "lifting" motion for that shoulder is fine--problem would've shown right away--and the numbness is disappearing daily toward the point of incision. Oh, they used super glue to close the incision, which is more routine these days I guess. No staples, no stitches.

It's a bump compared to radiation and chemo. My case is no recommendation either way for the surgery, but I hope this info can give some of you a better idea of what was involved.


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Hi Hal,

Glad that you had it taken care of, not only for the future possibilities of complications, but for the sanity also. I know that it is hard enough not to worry about every little thing, but to have something that you are sure has the possibility of again being life threating I'm sure just wrecks your sense of normaility.

Best to you now and in the future,

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Keep hanging in there you are doing great

Take care

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Sounds like you have done very well and happy hear you are bouncing back so fast with little -ve effects. I'm sure you are releived to get what ever remained of the SCC out.


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Hi Hal,

Glad to hear all is going well, and here's hoping they got it all.


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To me is sounds like you made a good choice to get it out. Sounds like you're doing well, which is great. Here's to a continued speedy reovery!

Positive thoughts coming at ya!

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Welcome to the "Cutthroat Cancer Survivor Club"
I am glad they got the misbehaving nodes...now you don't have to worry about that.

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Pam M
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Glad your recovery is uninteresting. Hoping it continues to be that way. Do well

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Thanks to everyone for the ongoing support. This forum has been my best resource for information and group support since I was diagnosed in December 2009, and I know I'm not alone in that feeling. I'm always proud and humbled to be a part of it.

best, Hal

Kent Cass
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Your story is inspiration, Hal. There is only one way to deal with the C, and that is exactly as you have. A tip of the hat to you, Brother.


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Glad everything went great! This makes me feel better about my dad needing this in the future.


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So happy to hear that every thing is going well. I continue to pray that they stay that way.


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Glenna M
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As you said it's just another bump. I hope this is the last bump in your road to recovery and everything else goes smoothly for you.

Take care and stay well,

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Sounds like all great news, and you are moving forward. That is great for you, those who love you, and all of us. I know they do wonderful things with that derma-bond...but I must say, Mark's surgeon was masterful with his cutting and stapling. I marvel all the time at his scars (minimal). Funny when you no longer stare into the eyes but stare at and admire the craftsmanship of the surgeon. LOL My best to you ane yours,

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Hal, glad you took care of business and that you're recovering now. stay tough.
God bless,

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I'm facing the same procedure. After having a melanoma removed from the left side of neck they discovered cancer in the lymph gland nearby. They've explained the complications that could result from surgery to remove surrounding lymph glands but its the obvious choice. Hope mine goes as well as yours. Thanks for sharing Hal, congrats and good luck.

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