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Scan results -- good news! Chemo working!

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I know there have been some not-so-good scan results recently. My heart goes out to all. But I hope/know you will welcome my GOOD NEWS results.

I was diagnosed with multiple bone mets a few months ago. Started a new chemo regime (XELIRI). Had a PET scan after 4 cycles. The chemo is working!!! Every met has shrunk, and metabolic uptake has decreased. Yea!! I was so stressed while waiting for the results, I could hardly talk (very unusual for me!). I'm so relieved this cocktail is working -- coz I didn't have a whole lot of options left. Side effects have been very manageable.

This is my 5th time on chemo. But, 7.5 years since my first diagnosis (Stage III rectal) -- and I'm still ticking! And kicking!


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Congratulations on your good news. Keep up the good fight


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I am so happy for you, Tara! You are an inspiration to us all, dealing (+ healing) with this for 7 1/2 years. Keep on inspiring us.

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Go Tara...Go Tara..uh huh a...uh huh a....you go girl!!


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Now isn't that just a great way to kick off a weekend, eh?? :D

I'm happy for you!!!! :) :) :)


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I'm so very glad to hear your news- yay!!!!
What's the old Timex commercial... "it takes a licking and keeps on ticking"!

Great news!

God bless,

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I read your about me page and it looks like you have been to hell and back a few times. What an incredible story of courage and strength, one that I think we can all be inspired by. I am always very curious about the survivors and what they do to win this battle. It seems that its usually a combination of things and much like opening a lock if you get the right combo it works. With that being said if you had to choose the most important thing in your survivorship I wonder what it would be....

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Thanks for your kind words. I haven't updated my 'me page' for a while (I've had 3 lung mets, at 3 different times -- then these bone mets. But LOOOONG and lovely periods of NED between (I seem to be on a 2 year cycle!).

I loved your question about what do I consider the most important thing to my survivorship. The motivation of staying alive for my kids, and a very determined (stubborn?!) attitude have certainly all been invaluable.

But I have to say the most important thing for me has probably been teaming up with a wonderful oncologist. He is very wise and knowledgeable -- but also treats me as an equal partner. He recognized early on what I need to get through (I'm a research, evidence-based nerd, and want to try the most aggressive approach I can reasonably tolerate). I feel that he listens to me and that we are a team. That has helped me immeasurably. I need to feel that I am taking an active, if not leading, role in my treatment decisions, and he has given me the security (through his solid background and vast experience and up-to-date research) and courtesy to do so.

I'd love to hear others' views on this topic....

Wishing you all the best


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Hey Tara - Thanks for sharing your good scan results. Love to hear it. I had a bad scan this week, but I know I'll good scans once I start chemo again.

Your relationship with your oncologist sounds great. I also appreciate how my oncologist listens to me and pays close attention to how I am feeling. I'm not as active, or perhaps proactive, as you are as far as understanding the evidence and research. That's something I'm looking to change as my focus moves from cure to management. I'm not giving up on a cure, but I think I need an attitude like yours in order to properly manage this crap. In other words, I need a little more brains to go along with my fight. Does that make sense?

I'm also fighting to stay alive for my kids - and my wife.

Update your 'my page' when you get a chance. I'd love to hear your whole story.

Take care - Roger

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I also have a wonderful oncologist that has the same traits as it sounds that yours does. I alos think my daughter has alot to do with me lasting this long.

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So glad you shared your good news with us. It is always a lift to hear that someone is having success.

Unfortunately the scales have been leaning heavily on the 'no so good news' lately. Thanks for helping to put some on the other side!

May you have continued improvement on this treatment.


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So glad that you are getting some good results with this.


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It is so great to hear that chemo is working and you are doing well. Keep on fighting and you will win this battle.

Take care,

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Very good to hear!

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I like it when a plan comes together........good for you sweetheart, good for you !!! Love ya, Buzz

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Lovely news! It's about time we got some positive news in this room! I'm so happy for you!


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Old cheerleader lead on there. You GO Girl!!!!

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WOOOOHOOO!! I do not go on this site too often, but am SOOOOO glad I checked in today. I am so happy for you. If anyone caN KICK THIS CANCERS BUTT, IT IS YOU. HANG IN THERE AND KEEP ON FIGHTING.

Now, go out and celebrate.

Can you see me smiling!!!!!!


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I am so happy for you...keep up the great work..praying for you....


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Yeah! I am glad the chemo is working for you!

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l hope your treatment continues to go well & as with everyone on this board you inspire us for fighting for so long hugs

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Yours is excellent!! Congrats on the PETS!

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Great news, Tara! Keep ticking and kicking cancer's butt.

- Sheri

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is a huge dosis of optimism for me too.
by the way have you a web or

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Congratulations, that is very good news. Keep the faith and continue to soar.
Peace and Blessings,

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