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first pet scan

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Hi I was reading the post on pet scan instructions. Weird how there are differences. I go for my first pet on tuesday. I was told no carbs at all the day before, and to eat high protien the day before, and nothing to eat 6 hours before, but could have water. Thankfully it is a late morning appoitment so I can handle it. They are checking my lungs because of an abnormal chest xray. I had a ct scan done yesterday which has led to the pet scan.The area of concern is enlarged lymph nodes. I will tell you i'm a little freaked out.
I'm hoping the cancer did not spread, which was one reason they told me the nodes could be enlarged.I was hoping to get this port taken out this week , but that has been postponed,I have wanted it out for over a month now as it is what caused the blood clot in my neck! Well my friends wish me luck and send those good thoughts!


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I wish you well with your upcoming pet scan. I will be having a ct for my lungs, as there was a nodule that has to be checked up on from a pet-ct I had a couple of months ago. I am hoping it will have gone away, or not changed at all. I hope your pet will be clear also, I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. Lori

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I'm hoping and praying for good news. Don't lose hope, stay positive and think good thoughts. I know it must be scary, but hang in there. I think when you feel something seems abnormal, we ALL feel it. Best wishes on your first pet scan. Please keep us informed.



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Yes, it seems that so many of us get different instructions prior to PET scans. You would think something like that would be standard. The two things you didn't mention that I am told every time is 1) no caffeine for 12 hours prior, 2) no exercise for 24 hours prior. Also, I've never been told to modify my diet in any way, but based on comments I've read for months on the forums, I always try to limit carbs, especially sugar for a day or so.

I can understand your anxiety--it's quite understandable. And I'm sure you were very anxious to be getting that port out, so that's disappointing. But please stay positive, and remember that the lymph node enlargement could be due to other causes.

I named the PET scan machine at my hospital "Cecelia," as to feel more positive when I get those scans. Lord knows "Cecelia" and I have had numerous encounters in the last 2 years. I consider her my friend who lets me know all is well. I hope your PET scan will let you know that all is well for you too. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you'll let us know when you get the results.


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and prayers coming your way. Wishing you a good clean PET scan!!!!


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For you today...let us know the outcome.

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and thoughts and prayers.... Priscilla

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I'm the one that had the torturous 2-day prep for my PET Scans. They definitely emphasized no strenuous activity (exercise or housework) - they said they want your muscles to be in a relaxed state. They also stated no sugar - and they tested my blood sugar when I arrived for my scan. It is bizarre that the instructions are not more universal.

I hope you get good results out of your PET next week.


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