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Anyone a long term survior - what stage were you.

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anoyone a long term survior and what stage were you?

I am a survior baby (just 6 month since surgery).


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I just joined and can't figure out how to post questions or comments - all I can do is hit
reply to someone else's post??? I'm a 66 year old grandma of 10 who had chemo/radiation and then the Ivor Lewis surgery. That was mid=May & I've been hospitalized for the last two months from many complications. I sailed through chemo/radiation without one side effect but this surgery has nearly killed me. I've lost 20 pounds and started as a size 2. I went to Mayo Clinic in MN (only a 2-hr drive for me) and the surgery was done by the head of thoracic surgery - he does 40 of these every year and the hospital unit handles 200 a year. The main problem was that they discharged me after only seven days. I was home one day and then hospitalized locally for 3 weeks for double pneumonia. One thing after another- I've only been home for 2 weeks since.

Please assist me in knowing how to navigate, leave comments, etc. I don't even know for sure how to get back to this site!

Nancy Edwards age 66
ECIII (T2 N1 M0)
Ivor Lewis @ Mayo Clinic May 17, 2010

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I am new too, so can't help much

LOOK at the top of the screen on click on CNShelp.

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I love the term survivor baby! thank you for the optimism! We all need it here since we have lost some dear folks to this disease. I also think that the "fear" of return makes many of us (family as well) reluctant to even "call" themselves a survivor!!! I want to share your post with my dad... It really is the attitude, baby steps, faith (face it--God's will & love), great Dr's, caregivers & support that help us all through this EC maze!

But I notice---compared to other cancers---EC folks are justifiably more cautious calling themselves "survivors" before year 5. That is a shame == so thanks for starting the ball rolling to give others the option to look at themselves with maybe a little more HOPE. I have found through difficult circumstances that it is difficult to see the glass half full (like when my dad was so sick with follow up chemo---loosing weight, etc---but HEY he was (& is) alive!!!! He unfortunately lost his little brother to this same disease 5/10, so now we are more aware of how well he is doing---considering the "alternatives". It is in the perspectives...

He is also back at being a volunteer fireman (light duty though)! His surgery was 12/09---so... WOW he is a 9 month SURVIVOR BABY!!!! I can't call him a survivor yet---but I love your new term!!!!

thanks Callie!

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Thanks for the reply, I like your optimism too.
Your comments help me to see things clearer. Now I am proud to say I am a SURVIVOR BABY.

Tell you dad we look forward to His one year Surviror baby birthday party.

Look on my sight, and see the poem i wrote, I think you would enjoy it.

God Bless

ps I am at work, so I can't write much.

With Love
Survivor baby 6mos.

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I had surgery in May 2008--CT scan in Nov 2008 which showed I was C free. I am a SUVIVOR of stage 111 EC with 2 lymph nodes in stomach. I don't know all the codes so I just write it out. I will be coming up on what I celebrate as my 2nd birthday--Yaaaa! So glad you are doing well ! Keep us posted.

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So glad you are doing well. Can't get the smile off my face.

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