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Going to Vandy the 11th

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Haven't heard anything about the CAT scan yet but Im gonna bypass the Paducah consult and just gonna head to Vandy to consult with Dr. Eric Lambright. He is one of 4 Drs that work as a team...Anna (amcp) and Franks Dr came with great credentials and I am very comfortable with Vanderbilts care and past histories of care (from personal experience)...I am heading to get my PET and CAT scans to take with me when I go and am having my records sent to them today.....The ball is rolling...ain't no stopping us now !!!...I will keep all informed...Love to all, Buzz

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Keep rolling those balls, Buzz! Ya, it's always a pain to have to go through all the various scans and appts... and then to have to include some long distance driving... it all adds up to a "wish I didn't have to do this" moment. But hey... we do whats we gots to do! I have no doubt that after your Vandy appts, you are going to have a solid plan and it's just a matter of following it, then you will be right back to normal (whatever that means for all of us) :)

Good luck... not that you will need luck... you just need to bite the bullet and get this stuff done :)


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Good on you for being so proactive, Buzz! Way to get those balls rolling! Good luck.

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Glad you were able to get appt. with a good team and so quickly.

You know that all of us are cheering you on for best possible results, treatment and recovery.


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Dude.... good going. Yes... thats a great place. Good luck


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Sounds like you are tackling this head on. Praying that all goes well.


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Pulling for you and great success at Vandy.


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You go, Buzz! Take cancer head on!


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Good Luck Buzz, and I am not going to say ANYTHING about your balls.
hoping you have a safe and productive trip!!

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Keep rollin'! I'm glad you are going to the experts and getting things moving. Best of luck to you at Vanderbuilt. I hope they work out a plan of attack that you like.

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I really hope you like their plan. Like Chris, I refuse to comment on your balls.... You just keep doing what you're doing, bud.

Love you back,


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I guess thats why I keep coming back......theres nothing undone in here.......LOL....good night all.....Love to you all...Buzz

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My friend (although we haven't known each other very long, I think of you that way), my hat is off to you and your attitude.
You keep going my friend, and I'll follow.

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I will hold you to that.......and someday we will both be past this.....as I see the same strength in you......Love to you my friend....Buzz

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that is you Buzz, doing just what you got to do, I sure hope your wife is feeling better, and that you both can hit this hard and keep on going. Your an amazing person..one I just adore. Stay strong, no need to tell you to keep the faith, you are a picture of faith...


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Way to go Buzzard. You have a good plan. Thinking and praying for you.


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