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Whipple procedure

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I was just wondering if anyone else out there has had a whipple procedure done. if so how long has it been and what do you think of where you are now. I guess just your thoughts on how long it took for you to "recover", do you still have fatigue issues, etc...
any info or thoughts would be appreciated, I dont know of anyone else who has had this, but I am betting there are others.
thanks, and as always, hope this finds ya smilin'

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don't know if this applies to more than one procedure, but it was done on me during my recovery from infection last year when repairing my bladder. I was recovering from a bunch of stuff, so i couldn't tell you anything in particular that I can attribute from recovery from it. As far as I know, everything healed up properly. I have a lot of scarring so again, don't know what I can specifically attribute to what!

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I am now 14 weeks post op and doing well, other than wish my appetite was a bit better. I've lost the 10 lbs gained since surgery, and attribute that to the radiation, which ends today (9/3/10). I will continue on oral chemo (Xeloda). I did have stomach erosion from the Xeloda a few weeks ago and had to interrupt the dose for 2 weeks for the stomach to heal.

I am 77 was in otherwise good health prior to the ampullary blockage/mass. Fortunate it was caught early.
best to you, Ray

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I mis=spelled the oral chemo drug... it is Xeloda.
because it is systemic the doc believes it will clear up any microscopic cancer cell that may remain in my system. I do not have any active tumor at this time, but from what I read it is also used in those case.

regards, ray

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underwent Whipple procedure; she just turned 100......steve

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My mother-in-law had that done. It took many months to recover and added a host of things to manage as far as diet, but she led a very normal life as for activities. Just took a nap more often and ate a bit more modestly.

Is this in your future Chris or have you already had it done? If so I think I must have missed some posts when catching up on the forums.

I wish you the best if this is upcoming.

Any new road trips planned? I have been thinking jealously about your trip ever since reading your post. Never rode anything other than a little dirt bike decades agp.

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