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Stage IV with questions

Wildwillie53 Member Posts: 1
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DX with colon cancer in Jan of '10 with mets to the liver (7 spots) Surgery not an option at this time.

First CT scan after 5 treatments showed cancer 30-40% gone!

Three weeks ago I had my 8th treatment with Oxoly, Avastin (infusions) and two weeks of Xeloda, this has been my cycle every three weeks. Starting today (8/4/10) I was taken off of Oxoly due to neouropathy and continued with Avastin (infusion) and xeloda (pills) only. This will be my cycle as long as I can keep the cancer from growing anymore.

Does anyone have a similar cycle and are having any succes with with just these medications?

Is anyone just taking xeloda and advastin and seeing results???

On the 12th I will be having my 2nd CT scan and hoping for NED!!!!


  • AnneCan
    AnneCan Member Posts: 3,673
    Hi Wildwillie53
    I haven't been on your exact treatment, but I wanted to welcome you here on this forum. I too have not had surgery at this point for my cancer, but have had radiation + folfox for 25 days, then folfiri + avastin which I am still on. All my best to you!
  • zenmonk
    zenmonk Member Posts: 198
    I had great success with oxy, xeloda, avastin at the same time. Started out stage 4 inoperable and in about 4 months went to operable and had a liver resection to remove what was left of the cancer. I am 14 months post op and am currentley ned.
  • geotina
    geotina Member Posts: 2,111
    Hey welcome to the Board. My hubby's case is similar to yours but he also had lung mets. Pretty heavy in the liver and lungs. Anyway, he had an excellent response to Folfox and has been on what I refer to as "mainenance chemo" similar to yours but instead of the pills he gets an IV of F5U weekly (about 30 minutes or less) adding Avastin every other week. He just completed this cycle so is off for 2 weeks before starting another cycle. So far it has kept things in check, no progression, stable, blood work all excelllent, liver and lung functions very good. He, like you, will continue on this as long as it is working. Many of his mets have totally disappeared and the rest are significantly smaller. I don't think he will ever be a candidate for any surgery but I have learned, never say never. We are focusing on George having a chronic disease. Don't get hung up on NED as a Stage IV, it is wonderful if it happens but try the thought process that you now have a chronic disease. So to answer your question yes, George is successful with his current medications so hang in there. If you have any questions just open a new discussion or if you have a specific question you can send us a pm.

    Take care - Tina
  • Lisa_R
    Lisa_R Member Posts: 59
    i was this same treatment my
    i was this same treatment my 2nd time at bat..... keep working at it ..u will get there.. there is great hope in these drugs..
    wishing u well
    lisa r
  • Lisa_R
    Lisa_R Member Posts: 59
    i was this same treatment my
    i was this same treatment my 2nd time at bat..... keep working at it ..u will get there.. there is great hope in these drugs..
    wishing u well
    lisa r
  • 8735
    8735 Member Posts: 6
    Stick with it!
    I was diagnosed more than two years ago. I did have surgery - resection - but did the same drug regime as you described. Neuropathy nixed the Oxalplatin and I was on just the Avistan and Xeloda. I maintained stable for about a year that way. With those good results, we got rid of the Xeloda. After 3 months, however, one of the spots on my liver had grown a touch so just a few weeks ago I went back on Xeloda and will know more with my next CT scan next month. Overall I feel good, work everyday, exercise, etc.
    So, what I'm saying is, be optimistic. It's a proven drug mix and I'm a 2+ year success story with (hopefully) more years ahead!
    Take good care of yourself and always look at the positives!
  • herdizziness
    herdizziness Member Posts: 3,624
    Very close
    Your treatment has been pretty much like mine. Oxy, Avastin and Xeloda, I had 8 treatments (6 with Avastin)was originally told my liver wasn't operable and now it looks like it is.
    Right now on my 9th treatment on the 16th August I won't be doing Avastin (didn't do it last treatment either in anticipation of surgery) nor will I be on the Oxy (low red blood cells) so will just be on the Xeloda, however, if I wasn't expecting to have surgery, I would be on the Avastin and Xeloda only regime as well.
    They will keep a good eye on you CEA count after they knock out the Oxy, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.
    Nice to hear from someone with same treatment as myself and that it's doing as well for you as it is for me!!!
    Winter Marie