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judge in california just overturned proposition 8--the anti same sex marriage amendment!!

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while this decision certainly will be appealed, this is a great day for the u.s., and anti-discrimination in general. thought i'd share the news--not that all lesbians and gays want to get married, or join the military for that matter, just that gays and lesbians can have the right to choose, like all other u.s. citizens. it is a hall mark decision in civil and human rights.


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I completely agree with you that this is a hallmark decision in civil and human rights!
No one should have to live with discrimination or social stigma when they are just living their lives, respecting others, and contributing to society. Living under the fear-based, ignorance of others is no way for anyone to live AND it’s bad for our health.

Since this is a cancer board, I’d like to share this perspective which is scientifically-based. Living with discrimination puts psychological stress on an individual’s health. Psychological stress accelerates telomere shortening, cell aging, increases cardiovascular disease risk, and impacts the neuroendocrine stress response which increases the risk of tumor biology or cancer. It’s another important perspective to realize when we are dealing with discrimination, prejudice, abuse, and other sources of stress.

It’s a great day for the many wonderful people who identify with the LGBT community and should have the human right to live stigma-free, discrimination-free lives, choose with whom they want to share their lives, and provide society with nurturing, loving family foundations if they choose.

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I'm happy for the LGBT community!

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There was a time when people with cancer were discriminated against. So much discrimination and for what reason? I just don't get it. Must be missing the point. Why can't we all just get along? MMMM

Thanks for posting this Maggie. I think it is nice we can come here and share our lives and concerns. Not just about cancer, but about all of our lives. I find the ladies here interesting and I care about them. I read this forum each day. And even if I don't comment I read the posts and care about the people.

I think the way to wipe out discrimination is to share our views. When we do that I find that we are all pretty much want the same things. A peaceful life where we can be ourselves. Life is too short to spend it making others unhappy.

Lighting one candle helps to wipe out the darkness.

Thanks for the candle, Maggie dear.

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thank you for sharing this. i have gay/lesbian friends who are long term partners (20 plus years). one of their main fears is being denied access to help or visit their partner or custody of their children if the partner faced a catastrophic illness. they've had to pay so much in legal fees to ensure these things which just come automatically with marriage. i hope that the decision is not overturned. for me it feels like the civil rights issue of this decade.


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For a country that espouses the individual's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it sure takes a lot of fighting to make it so. Great news on breaking down another barrier that infringes on these rights for specific groups of this country's citizens. Annie

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Truly great news! Each step forward to end all discrimination will move us closer to a kinder, gentler world. I am so happy for all our dear friends who a part of the LGBT community! One's civil and human rights should never be infringed on!!

It is hard to imagine what good things could be accomplished in this country if all of the hate and discrimination were gone! Can you imagine the energy that would be available to solve BIG things that will make a difference to future generations!


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I live in CA and can't imagine anyone discriminating against this community. Especially in CA. Kudos for Gavin Newsom to keep this going!

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i, too, live in california--in berkeley. whereabout in california do you live? yes, newsom has been great on this issue.


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I live in West San Jose and work near Stanford. Love that Newsom guy!!

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