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My CT Scan Results from today

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Hi everyone,

I got the results from my July 16 CT scan today. This scan was done 1 month early (@ 2 months as opposed to 3) because my CEA was rising. I have progression (described as minimal)in my liver (there were already mets there). No progression anywhere else. The last time my CEA was done (last Tues) it was actually lower than the previous one done 2 weeks before, so I am hoping this is a good sign. My doctor is keeping me on my current treatment (folfiri + avastin) for another 2 months because progression was minimal + then I will have another CT scan. She outlined some future possibilities -

1) Folfox + Avastin - this surprised me as I was on folfox last summer with radiation but was moved to Folfiri + Avastin when liver activity was confirmed. My onc said if I go on this it will be done differently + in different quantities. An issue with this is our Ontario government apparently does not pay for Avastin with Folfox if you had already had Folfiri + Avastin. Our private insurance might pay for a portion - we need to look into that + apparently there are other fundings that may be possible.

2) I gave consent today for KRAS testing. This will determine a few things - if I am eligible for Erubitux, + if I am, whether I am eligible for a clinical study. This clinical study is 1/2 people on Erubitux + placebo, 1/2 on Erubitux + new drug (Brivanib).

Sorry to be sorry wordy. My oncologist said "stay positive" + that is what I intend to do. It is good there are options.

Take good care!

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I'm sorry you have to go through it, but I'm praying your results will be fabulous.


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I am hoping for fabulous too. I was disappointed but it could have been much worse.

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I agree, option are good. The tone of your posting sounds like you are in a positive state of mind. In my opinion the mind is an often overlooked force of good against the evil of cancer. Positive outlook is a must in my opinion.

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I am positive; intend to stay that way 99% of the time. I am also a little disappointed but as I said to Gail, it could have been worse.

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Paula G.
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Options are always good. It is when you run out of them that one has to worry. My husband stopped chemo because he had such a bad reaction to the irrotecan (sp). He was in bed for ten days. He has been off for alittle ove a month and is feeling good but tired. I hope he will give something a try in a month or so.

Yes, stay positive. It is hard at times I know. Take care. Paula

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Hey Anne - Sorry to hear about the progression, but at least it's minimal. I'm glad you are feeling positive.
Stay strong and focussed. Many Sparks - Roger

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You have a great attitude.... it's your best defense. I am on Folfiri with Avastin too...and have been. I have had great success with it. It got rid of all my liver mets and lung mets. I went off of it when I hit NED but had recurrance in lungs and had to restart it. OPTIONS are the magic word. You will do great!! sending you good vibes!!


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Options are always good! Keep up the positive attitude as well!

Look into Pallative Blue Cross funding of drugs - we were told it is available to all who are stage IV . Bill has now been placed on it, and here in Alberta they pick up 70% of all his meds. Our insurance picks up the 30%.

The Morphone Bill was on, cost over $500.00 per week. They have since switched him to
Methadone, which is somewhat cheaper, but still costly. Also he is on needle form of Maxiran, and they also cover that. Any and all drugs are supposed to be covered by Pallative Blue Cross, so please do look into it.



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Hey Anne... it sure seems like you and your oncologist have it all together and have a plan for the future... actually a couple of plans should one not work out.

I wouldn't worry too much about that word "progression". All us Stage IV's, whether we have any activity happening at the moment or whether we are just waiting for the next shoe to drop, we know at some point we are going to have to have a plan of action ready to go... and that sounds like where you are right now. So the scan shows some new activity...ok, bring in the army and beat the kaka out of the invaders! We can do that :)

What interested me, and I remember someone else on the board from Ontario mentioning this a couple of years ago... that the Ontario government/healthcare doesn't pay for Avastin under certain circumstances. That was a real eye opener for me... because it pointed out that even though some of us are in the same country with our National Healthcare (IE: Healthcare is a right for all Canadians and it was the feds that put this into law umpteen years ago - I can't remember the year we first got National Healthcare), each province handles some aspects of Healthcare expenses differently. In all fairness, I really don't know if BC's MSP would cover all the expensive chemos/treatments that we have to go through in this battle against cancer. I have yet to have to pay for anything out of pocket but the system here is, if it IS chemo then the BC Cancer Agency covers it. If the scans/blood work/day surgical procedures are done AT the BC Cancer Agency, then the BC Cancer Agency covers it. If the surgical procedures are done at a hospital, or meds are prescribed by one's GP or other specialist (not working at the BC Cancer Agency), then MSP (Medical Services Plan) covers it, or in the case of prescriptions, I have an Extended Healthcare Plan through Blue Cross that is part of my retirement benefits package... and it covers 80% of a bunch of extras, including all prescriptions.

I have not been on Avastin, as of yet, but if the day comes, then I know the BC Cancer Agency would cover it because it is chemo. So I'm wondering... would the Ontario Cancer Agency pick up any of the costs if the provincial medical insurance doesn't cover it?

Again, it could be the difference from province to province, but with the cost of these treatments, it certainly is worth finding out. I'm surprised your oncologist wouldn't have gone over with you the cost of your treatments and who covers what.

Keep us informed how it all pans out!


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and keep the faith, I am sorry you are having to go through this, I will continue to pray for you. Stay strong my friend..


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Thanks for all your support + replies; they mean the world to me!

Thanks, CanadaSue + Cheryl. We were told to check with our private insurance first to find if we have coverage + if so what it is. We are going to do that tomorrow, hopefully. My cancer centre has a "reimbursement specialist" who we met with briefly yesterday + once we have the information from the insurance company, we will talk to her. I think they want anyone with insurance coverage to access that first, then other monies which may be available. I think if I was doing the chemo the other way around (folfox + avastin, then folfiri with avastin, it would be covered - if I understand my doctor correctly). It doesn't make total sense to me. While I have been on Avastin, Ontario increased the number of cycles they would pay for from a maximum of 16 to an indefinite amount as long as it is working. Good move, but this kink is confusing. I will get the treatments I need one way or another; my husband has assured me of that + we are lucky Avastin is not as expensive here as in the US.

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you progress on kickin its tail....they did say it was minimal and it is great that it is kept so close a watch on...That is in all of our favor...if it budges, they are all over it...you'll be fine and keep the chin up...Love ya, Buzz

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Your results sounds like everything is pretty stable. Great news! It's good to have options for your treatment regimen as you move forward to annihilate the little buggers.

Best Wishes,

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