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Stage 4 and now NED

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i am stage 4 c c ( 3 yr )and stage 1 uterine cancer(2 months) survivor and just received a NED scan from mayo... i am so happy i could jump out my skin.. when the dr dx me in 2007 i thought i wouldnt even be here in 3 years.. all the books said so and dont ever look on the internet if u want good news... i planned for my death... put peoples names on my stuff.. wrote a will etc...but here it is 3 years later and another cancer later and i am still going strong...thinking of going back to work.. could really use the funds.. and am just enjoying each day as it comes.. i never had kids so i am babysitting--- now i get why i didnt have kids hahaha... to all the newbees there is LOTS OF HOPE.... dont read about % of survival.. all these newer drugs that we are useing are doing better than the drs thought... i know my oncol is amazed.... sending everone good karma-- have a great day :)

lisa r

Fight for my love
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Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your story.This is a very inspirational news!

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lisa, wow! What a great story! Thank you for taking the time to tell us! We need to hear that kind of news!! Hope your days are wonderful. Jean

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outstanding news Lisa!!

stage IV and another cancer as well? wow! NED---goes to show you that you never know. all i know is give it your best shot and voila now your scans are clear and like you said 'still going strong.' congratulations and God Bless.


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Hi Lisa,

Thank you for sharing your great news of your NED status! That is most definitely inspirational to hear! It's been three years also for me since my dx- I'm not NED, but I'm doing pretty well (I think based on CEA tests, anyhow- we live from one scan to the next, as you know). You've been through the wringer with getting a second cancer too, but here you're at NED status now. There's HOPE!!! *May I suggest that you change the subject title on your post to "stage IV and now NED" (or something like that). Reason I'm saying that is that there's been so much difficult and sad news on the board lately with people not doing well, that I know many are discouraged & by seeing your title- well, they may think it's more bad news & not even read it. If you could catch their eye with something so they'll know it's good news to read- that'd be great for everyone!

Again, so glad you have good news to share!

Take care-

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i changed the title and am happy to do so... thanks so much for all the good wishes...(hey i am 42 in nov)... i appreciate the good feed back from all....
doing the happy dance lisa

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Thanks for sharing the great news. It helps all of us to hear how well you are doing. Keep the good news coming!

Take care,

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That is just what I like to hear! Enjoy NED, he's great to be dancing with!

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That's wonderful news! Thanks for sharing this at a time when the board has been kind of low.


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Congratulations + thanks for sharing your inspirational story with us.

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