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First news update

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Hi to all, I had my scans this morning and will know the results tomorrow. But the big news is...my PEG is gone..YIPPEE. Of course mine went like everyone else's with my doctor saying take a deep breath and he yanked and I howled. Then I cried because it was gone. The doctor told me to stay on the Boost and Ensure because I ha dropped 15 pounds since everything started but since I was eating and only flushing it, he felt it was less chance for infection if it was gone. One step toward the ending of this. Oh and I will see the ENT on Thursday to decide about the trache based on my scans. It appears the mass caused my larnyx and my epigilottis to lay flat against my throat so those may have to be surgically repaired and if so the trache will have to remain. But hey, I am minus an alien from my belly and am thrilled. Will update as I get them. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I wouldn't have made it this far without you all. God Bless.

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Glenna M
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Great news on having the PEG removed. I remember how happy I was the day mine was removed and it's amazing how much more normal you feel without it.

I will continue to pray that your scans come back clean.

Stay strong,

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Pam M
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So, is the new belly button an innie or outie? So happy for you the tube's gone. Hoping after the scans results you have a lot more to celebrate.

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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

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Great news - pegless!! I'm jealous.

Positive thoughts coming your way!

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Great news Debbie, stay strong! Cheers.


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... to the Second Belly Button Club!

--Jim in Delaware

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Mine is still a gunshot wound and that's the story I'm stickin with. Great to hear about progress though.


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LMAO!!!! I love your reply Steve!! That is too funny!!Got a huge laugh Thank you.

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Congrats ... that is a big milestone & a big relief so we are all happy for you!

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It was a relief for me too. As I was finally able to sleep some. Congrats
I cant quite tell people, like Steve that it is a gunshot wound LOL mine is the second belly button. Again congrats
Best Wishes & Prayers

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