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Post Nasal Drip and Bloody Nose

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I have had this dripping nose for a few months now. I have tried everything to stop it. No go. It's really messed up. I can squeeze the upper part of my nose and it feels squishy. I can even hear the squishy. My eyes water, I sneeze and when I go to blow my nose...nothing..BUT,,as soon as I bend over it just drips and drips. When I lay down it drains in my throat and makes me cough. At first Onc gave me an antibiotic thinking maybe a sinus infection. NO. Dripping was always clear not yellow or green which is infection signs. My face feels so full that now it is giving me toothaches. I went and seen an allergist to see if that was a problem. NO. No allergies of any kind. NONE. Then I restarted Folfiri. Nose then started bleeding in addition to clear drips. Nose is very very dry. Onc gave me 2 different nasal sprays to use 8x per day. My nose dont drip blood but any time I blow it there is blood. At night it bleeds inside and then is so dry it forms scabs. When I use spray in morning to loosen...then blow..it rips all those scabs out...huge hunks (sorry, don't mean to be gross...but it is)then it drips blood from that. I even put neosporin or vaseline in nose at bedtime and it still dries out. Onc would not give me Avastin last treatment because of bleeding. I am going o try a vaporizer tonite to put moisture in the air....see if that helps. I am at wits end with this. Anybody else have these sinus problems? Had a CT of head and it showed clear sinuses... what?????? Thanks for listening


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I had a few BAD nose bleeds during my chemo treatment and also had the dripping thing going off and on. I just waited it out and it seemed to clear up after chemo.


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Left Coaster
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Yes I've had the same. I would get clotted blood after the later rounds of chemo and I learned to wipe my nose as opposed to blowing my nose, picking it or otherwise causing unnecessary trama to the sinuses. I ahd severe mucositis as well and the drippy nose would rear itself whenever I would eat. It was like turning on the faucet! Still have the drip but not as bad or frequent. I was about to suggest the humidifier and not to "blow" your nose. Keep track of your blood platelet counts during chemo and let the dr. know of any nose bleeds versus clotted blood when wiping your nose. Hope this helps and the dripping stops.

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Go for the humidifier, the cold mist next to your bed. While I haven't had nose bleeding problems my husband has, horrible nose bleeds. I finally looked about the web and most suggested a humidifier. We went to Wally World and bought one. He has NOT had a nose bleed since. It sits beside his side of the bed. Get a cold mist humidifier, (I know hard to find in the summer). He had nose bleeds 3 to 4 times a week. It has been wonderful to have, NOT ONE SINGLE NOSE BLEED since.

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For about the first 6 cycles of my chemo my nose would run all the time and bleed when I blew it. It went away as quickly as it had come. I thought it was because my cell counts were low. They are even lower now and it hasn't come back.


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I've found that rinsing my nose with saline sprays (either purchased, or made at home) regularly has helped my post-nasal drip considerable. You can do that frequently throughout the day (and it's good to do it before your Rx nasal sprays.)

You may want to look up nasal washes and Neti Pot also, tho I just spray in enough to have the rinse come out the other nostril, without special equipment.

I've heard nosebleeds can be common with chemo; wasn't a problem for me. But at the hospital recently, the extremely dry air set me off very badly - 1 hour nosebleeds 2 days in a row. They had me moisturize my nostrils with bacitracin ointment.

Recently I had severe pressure and drip problems again, and also kept up with sudafed to help drain my sinuses - no infection, but sudafed round the clock, plus Nasonex and Astelin nasal sprays.

Good luck with all of this!


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I also had the dripping nose and bad nose bleeds. I'd never had a nose bleed in my life before chemo. I'm just days under one year out from chemo and have noticed that I'm reacting a lot more to grass pollen than in previous years. I don't know if chemo changed my sinuses or if the pollen is worse this year....

I put Vasoline in my nose to help keep the raw areas protected while they healed. That helped with the bloody nose. The dripping clear drainage just kept right on dripping no matter what I tried.

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Hey Jennie - I remember several months ago when we were both dealing with bloody boogers etc. I had a massive nose bleed in the ICU after surgery. The doctors shoved a giant plug way up into my nose. When the plug came out several days later, my nasal cavity was cavernous, and the boogers that came out were monumental. It was awesome.

My nose ran non stop for six months while I was on chemo. Now it runs sometimes when I eat. I probably have developed food allergies. I've heard that chemo can do that. I haven't gotten tested since I've had so much other crap to deal with. But you have been tested so I'm of no use what so ever to you. But I've been thinking about you a lot.

Take Care - Roger

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Thank you for all your responses. I talked to Onc today and he sent in an RX for antibiotic. He also set me up an appointment with ENT specialist to see if there is a sinus problem. I was thinking the sinus thing was making my teeth hurt but now I see I have an arse full of cavities on all 4 back teeth. OH.... WHY NOT???? Everything else is falling apart why not the teeth too.... I can't do nothing about the teeth right now but suffer cause I have too much other stuff on my plate with Cyberknife right around the corner. Biopsy on Friday and they will also be putting beads in then too. Oh Boy..... NOT just another day in the neighborhood!!! But what the hey... I am still smiling..even tho I am bald again...LMAO....why not???? Can't believe hair fell out after only 2 treatments..... oh well..less to take care of and like my husband says.."at least YOURS will grow back in"
LOL....... luv to all my semi's!!!


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Paula G.
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Jennie, John's is still dripping a little and he has been off chemo for almost two months. It did bleed and he used a little neosprorin on a swab at night and it did help the driness. I bet it's chemo related....Darn stuff!!!Post and let us no what goes on on Friday. Thinking of you girl. Paula

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Nana b
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Yep, me too! Had to soften it up with Vaseline. I would get nosebleeds too.

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