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reaction to radiation/chemo

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My husband is having chemo and radiation after having two seperate sugeries to remove two seperate masses(mouth, neck). In addition to swelling there seems to be sloughing off of skin on what remains of his tongue, the inside of his mouth and lips. Anyone else come across this? None of the health care people mentioned this one!

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Yep, it would usually come up during a coughing spell or when brushing my teeth. It would have scared me but one of nurses mentioned it (none of the docs did). I thought of it as malignant tissue and was glad to get rid of it. Probably means he is making progress. Best of health to you and yours, Rich

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I was told that this could happen, but it did not in my case. I did however have lesions and mouth sores, which would come and go, get better, then worse. Also had some thrush on my tongue and over course the lovely rope saliva.

All the best during and after treatment DotsMom.

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