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Newbie just found i have CLL nEED ADVICE

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Was just diaginosed with CLL Just took flow test still waiting for results Was told that it is not a bad thing since the DRS do not think it is advanced I am a healthy so i thaught 63 year old male who is of eastern euroupien backgroung Can somebodt PLEASE help me here

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First of all, I'm sorry that you have been diagnosed with CLL and hope you come out of this disease as quickly as possible.

It's very good that you seems to have discovered this illness early.

Knowledge are everything when you discuss treatmennt options with your doctor, so please read everything about this disease here:

The main goal are to get into as deep remission as you can to prevent a later relapse.
Once a leukemia relapses it's much harder to beat.
Out of that perspective you could discuss the option to get a later stage treatment than you are diagnosed for since you seems to be very healthy and probably will handle a harder treatment well.
But it's very important that you listen to and understand your doctors suggestions for treatment, so please get as much knowledge you can.

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If your WBC is not doubling faster than six months, watch and wait. If your hemoblobin is above 10, watch and wait. If your lymph nodes are not swoller and you have no physical symptoms, just ignor the CLL for a while. It will tell you when you need treatment and it could be years. When you do, there's a good chance, like better than 75%, that FRC will knock it down. CLL is one of the most treatable cancers. I've had it for four years and still have no symptoms and no expectation of symptoms or treatments for years. (age 67). I'll probably die of boredom before I die of CLL.

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My husband has been watch and wait since 2000. He has had head and neck cancer over the past two years. Pat's oncologist seems to think that the CLL is very manageable. Hang in there. The uncertainty is the worst. There are great treatments out there these days and you may not even need it for years. Stay positive and know we are all thinking of you and praying for you.

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