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It is what it is..........Scan results......

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Results are....

PET Scan shows a tumor growth in lower left lobe (Lung). Onc seems to think that it is not metastisis from CRC but new primary growth, either way it is what it is...CEA and PET both move towards it being cancerous growth. He is setting up CAT scan for the end of the week and is going to get me set up to talk with a Thoracic surgeon...I will not stay in Paducah to have this done so I am looking for other options. I am thinking Im going to speak with Vanderbilt again to see what they have to offer...Yep, kind of a shock to actually hear it but I will be ok no matter what. I simply need to get things arranged. Any pertinent info on what to expect in surgery, recoup times, surgeons, hospitals, etc would certainly be appreciated. Kinda in a whirlwind right now and wife doesn't know yet.....gonna be a long night...betcha everything will be ok though.......Love to all, Buzz

Donna still needs prayers, lets just concentrate on her for now...I know Im gonna be fine......

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This is my safe haven....Im good here.. :)

Plans are ...CAT scan tomorrow at noon.I am being referred to the Thoracic Group here in Paducah by my Oncologist . I am going to meet with them but only to discuss Stage, their options, and their basic best route to go in this...I want answers to questions I have already for them, then its pretty much off to Vanderbilt....I will be speaking with Franks Dr Im sure Anna but they have a team there that I will be speaking with very soon. From all outward appearance they ( ONC) wants to remove it ASAP so just in that it could be a primary solitary tumor....great if it is...still ok if its not...its simply a matter of options I will have...

I am getting a much better idea of what Stage 4 survivors contend with. I am not discouraged, I am not afraid, but I am understanding more and more about just how stable both mentally and physically you have to be to keep moving in the right direction in any of this....Most all my thoughts and prayers go out to the guys and gals that have it so much worse than I, but still persevere through this, and mostly with a smile and patience that I am coming more aware of being most needed with this disease...Bless all of you for the demanding task of simply getting through each day. Have a smile and a happy feeling each time you can...Lord knows we can all use one.......You people are great !!!

What am I saying....ya'll gotta be great, hell Im one of ya....LOL.......Buzz

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Sounds like a plan is in action. with more answers to come. We are all standing with you offering support and love in any way we can..You continue to be such an inspiration to us all. Elizabeth

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I am glad they seem to be taking good care of you. Thanks for updating us. I have really realized that for many of us this is an ongoing "process" that needs to be managed one day + one step at a time. You are great. Good luck!

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I'm glad things are good with your wife, too. She's a big part of your journey. Praying hard for you.


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You have a positive attitude that is a big plus in cc journey. I had twice lung resected, Feb 07 was my lower left lobe, follow immediate reapired hernia, was in MDA hospital for about 4 days, six month later, they removed my upper right lobe 2 wedges, this time only 3 days in hospital.Find a right Thoracic surgeon can be a blessing. Will pray for you.


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Hang in there!

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cancer! Hate it so much-look what it's doing to my family and friends. Just keep up the fight, Buzz. You are a brave fighter!

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I will be praying for you and your family.
Your attitude and optimism inspire me.

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Hey Buzz
Repeat what the other million people who care about you said!!
I did have a tumor in my right lung. Second primary after my anal cancer. Had 1/5 of it removed and doing great~
Know you WILL be the same!!!!

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You were a great support for me when I first came on the board. I'm sending the scaffolding your way this time.

Wishing you peace, safe travels, and good outcomes. Love and care to your wife and family too.

all the best, Leslie

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You are not going anywhere, we just met. I need your words of wisdom and encouragement!
You are in my thoughts.


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to stick around 41 more years and pester the crap out of everyone, then Im taking a break....for good !!! Hows that ?..Love ya all, Buzz

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Aww Buzz, This really isn't what you wanted to hear. Yes it's hard too be shoved under the bus again. but put your game face on and figure the plan out. Then attack with a vengence! Keeping you in my thoughts.



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