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L'hermitte Sympton

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I just started experiencing L'hermitte Sympton. It is a strange sensation, but not really uncomfortable. Does it get more intense as time passes? I’m about 2 months post treatment.

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Glenna M
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Joined: May 2009

I'm 10 months post treatment and I haven't noticed any change. It's a side effect that I can live with since it does not involve any pain :-)

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Joined: Oct 2009

No, it didn't increase in intensity over time. My period of time lasted about a month or two. I remember nodding my head up and down.....up and down....to get that weird sensation. I think that might of helped to rid of it, cause after being out of treatment for 14 months, it's totally gone. Now if I could get rid of Neuropathy that easily.

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Like CajunEagle, I'm nearly 14 months post treatment. Mine started at about 3 months an occasionally I can still get a mild sensation.

It never really increased and eventually lessened to nearly nothing now.


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Mine has almost gone. Some days it does reappear but mildly and then goes again, alway reducing in frequency and intensity. No big deal.


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But now it's gone.
It never bothered me: In fact, I found it kind of intriguing. Just lower my chin to my chest and, voila! A mild electric shock goes all the way down to my feet. Magic!

--Jim in Delaware

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