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Round two over

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I have been lurking behind the scene while I recovered from round two of chemo. I am so impressed with all the supportive activity here on the board. I am grateful for the opportunity to be in the company of such caring individuals.

Round two was not quite as bad as one. Little more queasiness, little less pain, LOTS more fatigue. Five days down and then I was up and running full speed. Truly I have not stopped since last Wednesday. I attended a beautiful out-of-town wedding last night and even participated in the conga-line and did the electric slide. Took my Mom, Dad, and a favorite Aunt and really enjoyed their company and conversation on the drive there and back.

Nothing on my medical calendar until a PET on the 16th, so I plan to make the most of my time "off".

Take care,

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Just wanted to say hi and congrats on making it through round two. My husband was diagnosed a little over a year ago. He is having some tests done this week. Like you, he has felt really good overall. I'll continue to post his progress on the discussion board.


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Hi Joanne,

I am glad your through with round 2. Its great that you are running full speed ahead. I am praying for the best outcome for you on the 16th. I will be going for a ct scan on the 11th, of my lung, to see if my nodule has changed, I'm hoping it will be gone. I hope yours will be gone too, and we can continue to have clear scans. Lori

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for both of you, Joanne and Lori!

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Way to go Joanne! I'm sort of on pins and needles following your story. So it's just 2 rounds, then a scan? I think my doc has me lined up for 3 rounds then a scan; but I could have misunderstood. Hoping and praying for good news for you!

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Hope this finds you feeling strong. I don't know if there is a specific protocol for how many before a scan. I think it is just relative to the doctor/facilty. I guess my onc. wants to see if there is any improvement as quickly as possible, so as to determine whether to continue with this regimen or change it up to another "cocktail". Personally, I am hoping that this stuff kicked the cancers a** and I won't have to have anymore :) Nothing wrong with enthusiastic optimism...is there? I am praying that you respond exceptionally well also.
Wishing you the best. Keep me posted.

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And that the pain was not as bad as round one. Amazing how you've trooped through all this.
Hope your time off is wonderful and that the PET results will be extremely good.

You are in my thoughts and prayers,


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I'm so happy to hear that you are doing so well! May your upcoming PET scan show that the treatment is working! As always, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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Me too!! I am thrilled to hear you are doing well...and am praying for a clean scan for you. What a testament you are to strength, courage and perseverance...I'm on my last 7 rad treatments and thinking how am I going to get through this...then I read your post and thought, I WILL get through this. Love the picture, is it a new one? Be well, Joanne. I think of you often and pray for your wellness.

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Yes you WILL get through this. When you look back on it, you will be proud of yourself for the resilience that you had. We are all much stronger than we think, just sucks (pardon my french) that it takes something like this for us to find that out about ourselves.

The picture is with the my new fashion accessory..."the wig". I HAVE decided that when my hair grows back I am going to go lighter. I hadn't realized how dark my hair had gotten as I aged.

Thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts.
Be well,

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Hi Joanne!

You LOOK GREAT! So glad to hear you were dancin it up at the wedding :)!
I, these days, thank god for every FUN,SPECIAL thing I'm here to experience!
Glad to her the 2nd round was not as bad as the first. So nice when it works THAT way :)
Well just wanted to say HI....haven't been on the boards too much....but always enjoy seeing an update from you!!!

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I would think round 2 is typically much worse as your body has really been through the mill at that point, it took a lot out of me but THRILLED to hear you have done so well! I hope this encourages those who haven't quite made it to "2" yet.

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