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Our dicussion board's six month anniversary was July 25th. The significance of that, you ask? When I initially inquired about the possibility of having an anal cancer discussion board I was told that it would be allowed on a six month trial basis. If there was enough participation to justify its existence, it would remain, if not it would be deleted. I am happy to say that the participation has been beyond my hopeful expectations. I have to admit that I struggle with the satisfaction that it brings me. I would delight in it's failure if it was because there was no one being newly diagnosed with this awful cancer or no one in need of support for the issues of post treatment. As that is not the case, I am very glad that it is available. I extend my sincerely appreciation to all the members that have opened up their hearts and their lives to the new members as they have joined us.

Congratulations and thank you to all of you for making this a success.

Warm regards,

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Hi, Joanne. I'm very new to the board and this board has been a lifesaver for me! I have received more information and hope in the first couple of days since joining than I have gotten from my rad or onc during the whole entire six weeks of treatment! My rad was very tight-lipped about what I was facing and even discouraged me from talking to another anal cancer patient who I met in the office. My rad told me to ignore what she had to say and that she seemed to enjoy scaring other patients. Rad also told me probably about 90% of what she had to say was probably all in her head! OMG! I found out during my last weeks of treatment that the other cancer patient was extremely accurate in what she told me! How could someone who has never gone through pelvic radiation try to tell someone who has what he or she can or cannot feel!! Aarrrrggh! Okay, I got it off my chest! Thanks, Joanne for caring enough for me and others to have an anal cancer board!

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Fran Chandler
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I just want to tell you that you have done a wonderful thing to help many people. There was no place that so many different ages and types of cancer and treatments to be able to discuss cancer with.You made that possible. I pray that one day cancer will be erased. Thank you again. Fran

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Thank you, Joanne for getting this discussion board up and running. I had no idea that was the criteria for this discussion board staying on. Wow, look at all the people it has helped. I hope you are doing well and I love your picture. I think about you often. Lori

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We LOVE you Joanne!
Gave us a plce to talk about something that is not easy to talk about with others. We have supported each other here, humored each other, and most of all given each other hope....and made some friends along the way.
I gave a speech at Relay for Life that earned me a standing ovation, and I talked about the boards and how much they have meant to me.....so from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU JOANNE!
I think about you often and am praying for you always!!

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Yes, thank you Joanne. I would be so lost without this board.

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Thank you so much, Joanne, for having the foresight to know that this board was desperately needed! Where else can people go to talk about such things that most do not want to hear about! It is bittersweet that this board shall go on because that means there's more of us out there who will need such a place for support, advice and sharing. I'm so glad it's here though with members who truly understand. I hope one of the best things to come out of this is your return to good health!


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I joined csn january 28,2010....How lucky was I..Thank you again Joanne.

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I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it. Even though I was already a 2 year survivor and was a bit slow on the uptake, I know it has helped my continuing recovery greatly! You done a good thing, girl!

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Thank you for starting this discussion board. As you say, there are mixed feelings about the board being successful. Too many of us being diagnosed and going through treatment. But, at least we are going through it prepared for what we may encounter. And we're not going through it alone.


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Warmest congratulations on the success of your venture, Joanne. You have provided a haven for so many folks to come and seek help and support. Something that all of you can be very proud of.

I'm so glad that the trial has passed and the change is permanent. I've read many stories and the need sure looks to be there alright.

I want to wish all of you the best success in the world - stay in there and support each other - there is hope out there and that's the best medicine I have for anyone.

Warmest Regards
Craig (colorectal board)

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Hey Craig

Think of you often and check on the colo boards to see how you are!!!
On my prayer list!

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Wonderful news....Thank you Joanne. This forum is a Godsend. Marilyne

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