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I have been deserted

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I have been deserted my husband cheated on me during my treatment, and moved me and 12 days later deserted me. What is the point of surviving this to have this happen?

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Hang in there. I can't even imagine how you feel, but you are a valuable person. Don't let the poor and unforgivable behavior of your husband make you forget that. Concentrate on you and your health. Hold your head high. His behavior is not your fault. Fay

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I'm so sorry that your husband did that to you, the words I have for him I am not allowed to say. I hope that you will reach out to family and friends at this time. And I hope your pain will lesson over time. I know that it must hurt, but it sounds like your better off without him. One day at a time. I will have you in my prayers. Lori

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This apparently wasn't a good time for him to show his true colors but hopefully, you won't feel YOUR life revolves around His life.

I am so sorry this happened to you but YOU are worth much to many people. Survive for YOU. Survive because you can touch others. Survive because God has a plan for you.

We are hear for you. Reach out for support. Don't give up. You ARE needed.

I'm praying for you and sending you a big hug.


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There is more to life than having someone in your life that does not want to be there. I think You must be a amazing person to have all this thrown at you. So Maybe there is a plan for you that does not need a cheater in it. So Hang in there . You are lucky you are rid of him , if he cheated.

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that she and her mother were the fourth and fifth tumors of my life, which got much better once they were out of it. That was 25 years ago, and neither she nor the cancer have come back!

Love, Courage, and Peace of Mind!


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me off when I read these stories. Part of the vows are "in sickness and in health". These guys (little boys) who cant step up to the plate and take care of business give the rest of us a bad name.

My not seem like it, but you are better off with him. He put himself ahead of you and right now you, your health, and your fight are priority #1, everything else for him should come last!!!!!

I am so sorry you are dealing with not only the cancer, but the mess he left as well. You will get through this. Stay strong and focus on you and your fight.

As one poster said when the spouse left, he lost the 2nd and 3rd cancers in his life. Its the same for you.

If your husband was still with you, he wouldnt be there for you..... if you understand what I mean.

Hang in there, you will get through this and beat this disease.

Sorry to vent. Good luck and if you need anything, we are all here for you.

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Wow you got yourself a whole barrel of lemons.....make a big lemonade stand and friends will come figurely speaking. It must be so hard to even get up but things are not always going to be this way. They will get better. Like another poster said you just got rid of another cancer....more deadly and sickly than the one in your body. Your husband would only be a taker you need givers in your life.


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Tina Blondek
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I am so sorry for you. You deserve much better. It will be his loss, not yours in the long run. Reach out to family and friends for love and support. Hang in there, things will get better with time. Keep in touch, and know that we are here for you and praying for you.

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that the people who remain in your life and support and encourage you are genuine in their love and care for you. Concentrate on them. WHen the wagon trains traveled across the country, they came to deserts and rough terrain. Their wagons were full of stuff they thought they couldn't live without, but once they left it alongside the trail, they could put all their strength into reaching a new home. Your wagon is lighter now of something that would have dragged you down and maybe even endangered your recovery. Try hard to leave him by the side of the road and look to the new life ahead of you.

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