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3 month PET Scan

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I go in Monday for my 3 month pet scan. I had one a month out of treatment and it did not come back good. Since then I had some biopsies done and they came back great. I hope this one comes back great. Eating is such a pain in the butt, I have never had a problem eating before and now I am fighting to keep the weight on, down 100 pounds so far. I had it to loose thank god, now I just want this feeding tube taken out.


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Hoping for the best my man. Keep the faith


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Glenna M
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I will be thinking of you Monday and hoping everything turns out great for you.

Take care and stay strong,

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I'm sure you're aware that one-month PETs are notorious for showing false positives.
Keep your chin up (so to speak). We're pulling for you.

--Jim in Delaware

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I hope it goes well and your results are CLEAN!

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Pam M
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Here's hoping that the one month scan was indeed a false positive. Hope you don't have to wait long to get results from Monday's scan. Are you not using the tube any more? I quit using mine a while ago, but waited for the three month check to get the tube removed (earlier this week). Hope the new tests are like the most recent biopsies. Keep us posted.

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Here's hoping for the best!! Cheers


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Hi Brad,

I hope all goes well for the Scan. I am schedule end of September for mine.


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Hoping you get good news tomorrow.


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I get my 3 month post surgery PET/CT results tomorrow. Wishing you the best and praying that all is well.

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