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Needing Info

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Hi there, everybody. My 59-yr-old husband was just diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma after a mass was removed from the lymph nodes in his neck. We just got back from a week of grueling tests @ M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston. We'll return on Tues, Aug 3rd for results, staging & treatment plan. We were told that he could more than likely have his chemo administered here in Fort Worth, TX, where we live. Does anyone know of a good oncologist who specializes in lymphoma & would work well with M.D. Anderson in our area (Dallas, FW, the mid-cities). Also, any tips about upcoming treatment, what to expect, etc would be greatly appreciated. This is all new territory for us. Even though I am an RN, I have been retired for 3 years & was never involved in oncology. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm glad you came here, there are lots of folks going through this with you and can help in a myriad of ways, thought, prayer, humor, compassion, anxiety, fear...you name it and you'll find it here.

I can't help you with the Docs in your area as I am in Kansas, but what I can tell you is Lymphoma is very treatable. Chemo or rads are not fun by any means, but it CAN be humorous at times and humor heals.

I had a friend of mine who also had dlbc, did chemo and rads 3 years ago and has not had any issues and is still cancer free today. She was in her early 60's at the time and flew through treatments. Of course lots of naps and I admit naps are my favorite thing and something I enjoy every weekend........actually in bed now ready for a nap LOL. I get up so darned early and by noon I am ready for a nap, so I've found indulging myself is a very good thing!

What to expect? TIRED. There are so many different levels of tired it's hard to adequately describe here, but the best I can say the most tired he's probably ever been. I did CVP & Rituxan the first time around. Radiation the 2nd time, and Rituxan only and rituxan maintenance this last time. I personally much prefer the treatment I am now getting to the others as I have really no real side effects from the rituxan.

MD Anderson is one of the very best places to go and are up on all the new trials and such. They are a great place to start. Chemo takes a LONG time and the first time is a tremendously long day. I had no side effects at all for about 4 days, then a week or so of not great at all, then a week break of almost back to normal before we'd do it again. It's a rollercoaster, so hang on tight!

He'll be fine. Come here and vent when you need to. We're here to support each other through this jouney.

Welcome again,

Take care,

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Hi mimi...
I am new to this group also and was just diagnosed on June 16th with Follicular NHL...Type-A...Grade 2-low...stage-3. I have tumors in three areas of my body: left groin...abdomen...and left side of my neck. No bone involvement at this time. I'm also 59...(turn 60 Sept 30th). Right now I am in the "Watchful Waiting" process and not having any form of treatment. I live in Yakima Washington so I can't help you with your questions about doctors in your area. Also I won't be much help in the treatment area, but am always here to listen and be supportive. I will keep your hubby and you in my prayers. This is a wonderful group of people which you will truely enjoy talking and sharing information with. Take care...

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Hi Mimi,

I am 51 and am an RN. Like you, my practice never involved oncology; I was a cardiac or ER nurse for most of my career. I have not worked in the nursing profession in the last 10 years. This forum is very helpful.

I had been experiencing some low back "tightness" and no other symptoms for a few weeks before my diagnosis. I worked between 50 and 70 hours a week. My PCP and I had chalked my back discomfort up to a recent increase in exercise. I had negative back films at my doctor's office. An MRI on 06/14/2010, indicated a large mass around my sacral spine. Which led to a direct admission to the hospital on 6/14/2010 and a diagnosed with Stage IV, Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma on 06/23/2010. My chemo; R-CHOP began on 6/23/2010. I was discharged from the hospital on 6/28/2010. My chemo is expected to range from 6-8 rounds. I have treatment once every 3 weeks. My 3rd treatment is scheduled for 08/04/2010. I go to the onc office each Wed for labs. My onc has taken me out of work. I had been working as a general manager of a large nationwide pet store. My onc was concerned about my exposure to any parasites and germs that the small animals, reptiles and my customers may have and that I could contract. My main complaint is tiredness. My favorite nap time is also noon! Sometimes I will be awake for a few hours in the middle of the night but, it is impossible for me to ignore the calling of a nap ,or two, in the day time. One of the first lessons learned with this disease, is to listen to your body. Take naps when there is a need to do so. Eat good healthy foods, when your body tells you to.

Keep a log of all appointments, who you speak to at the insurance company, the doctor's office and when the conversation took place. Foster effective communication whenever given the opportunity to do so.

You will find good people along the path, where you least expect them! My thoughts and prayers to you and your husband. Kellie

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I have did my homework and I am from Denton Tx.
The best doctor I have found is in Baylor hospital in Dallas.
His name is Holmes, Houston MD - US Oncology
(214) 370-1000. He is my primary Doc but get treatments in Denton.

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