The value of PSA and a second opinion

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Early this year I noticed my doctor hadn't given me a PSA test in 3 years. Being a transplant patient, I am supposed to get them yearly, so I told him to do one. It came back 21. Biopsy came back a Gleason 9 even though nothing was detectable in a DRE.

I got several opinions. 3 of the most highly rated robotic surgeons in my area said robotic surgery wasn't an option. One surgeon at a respected teaching hospital said I had to stop my immuno-suppressant drugs and reject my kidney (so my body's full immune system could fight the cancer), have a radical prostatectomy, then go on radiation and hormones regardless of margins.

I decided on a hospital in NY (I'm from GA) and had robotic surgery. The cancer turned out to be a Gleason 7 and there were negative margins. I may have to have follow up radiation, but I still have my kidney and don't need hormones.

I had assumed my doctor was giving me PSA tests. My wife discovered he hadn't after a friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer. If I had been on top of it, I could have caught it earlier. If I had just gone with the "highly respected" surgeon at my local teaching hospital, I would be on dialysis right now and undergoing hormone therapy. I know most people here have already discovered and treated their cancer, but a word to the wise for those who haven't.



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    It glad that you were able to make a very good decision
    from several options that were available to you.........yes there a Doctors, and those who call themselves doctors........we simply have to research and educate ourselves....from what I have come across by others, I find that there are many doctors that are incompetent and/or those who are financially motivated.