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is your scar a badge of honor or something you hide

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Personaly for me I try not to hide the scar and am glad to explain to others why I have the scar. It is a mark of survival to me and for me at least not something I am ashamed of.

But I was wondering how many people want to hide the scar and what are the reasons?

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It's the least of my worries at this point, but I never think twice about it.

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For me it is a sign the cancer got taken out.
It's a part of me now and I don't try to hide the scar on the side of my neck.

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I don't think twice about my scar. My husband thinks I should hide it, but I look at it as a sign I am ridding my self of cancer. After four neck surgeries the scarring is the least of my concerns.

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For me, it doesn't bother me one bit! The scar is indeed the least of my worries, the cancer is GONE. I'd rather educate people about it than hide. I didn't know this cancer existed until 'I got it'

To be honest, I don't really think about it either.

It's another battle scar with a story behind it. Sometimes for fun I'll say I was in a 'bar fight' and I won. It's interesting to see the expression on people's faces; then I tell the truth!!!

wear it with honor!

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I do sometimes wear those silicone bandages on it to help soften it up (TT done May 14), but I never deliberately try to hide it.
I was nervous after the surgery about trying to explain it to my boyfriend's little nieces and nephews. Most of them never said anything about it, but one of them said "That's better than the bad stuff they had to take out though, right?"
I couldn't have agreed more. :)

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I also wear the patches to soften the scar, when I remember...

My niece is three and she said that the doctor put the band-aid to make the boo-boo better. It's almost one year after my surgery and she still asks how it is and does it hurt.

At first I thought of wearing 'higher neck' tops to protect it from the sun, but it irritated it more (especially where the drain thingy was), and I figured, it's my reminder of how precious life is!!

take care.

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I'm 22 years out from my surgery and I've never intentionally hidden my scar. My family has always called it my second smile. :)

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they could not remove my tumot even tho they tried five hrs so my cancer is still there. the scar is the least of my worries. i don't flaunt or hide it.

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I never try to hide my scar. I am not ashamed of it, although it is huge (a total of 10 inches). People notice my scar, but not many questions asked.

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Your scar being so large..Did you have the neck dissection then? I am going in for one on the 26th. Could you tell me a little about your pain, recovery time ect. I am more nervous about not knowing what to expect right now than most everything else.
Thanks for you time....
Take Care

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i have just uploaded a picture of my scar. i am not really sure whether i had the neck dissection, but i only know that i ad total TT with 96 lymph nodes removed. 20++ of the lymph nodes were invaded by the cancer. i only stay overnight in the hospital for the surgery. i went home the next day. i was suffering for the first two weeks at home, as i would not be able to control my movement(my hand and legs are badly cramp, face and eyes are twicthing badly, numbness tingling everywhere). But things recover pretty fast, a get back to work within 2 weeks. :) i still have some side effects now, very low calcium(had 3 parathyroid removed, so i wouldn't be able to retain calcium). But at least i am still alive:) life is good :)

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my scar length is about 4 inches.. i did have a large 3.7cm node on my thryoid (think poolball)

recovery time well i was up and walking around the hospital withing 4 hours. but not able to do much else for a week or so. After 2 weeks i was doing faily well recovery wise

pain.. there was some pain but i only used about 1/5 of the pain pills they gave me.

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I've always been proud of my scar, and I've never liked trying to hide it. Mine hasn't healed that well - it's still red and raised after my most recent surgery - but it's part of my body and my life and I'm not ashamed of the way I look.

That being said, it does bother me when strangers feel the need to ask me about it. I'm 22 years old and trying to live my life as normally as I can. When I'm out at a bar or a party with my friends (or just at my job), the last thing I want to talk or think about is having cancer, especially with strangers. Especially with drunk male strangers. I think it's rude for adults who don't know me to be asking such personal questions, anyway. So if I were ever going to hide the scar, that would really be the only reason; just so I could go through my day in peace.

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I had my surgery a week and two days ago now. I went back to my Surgeon this past Tuesday at which time my bandage and some of my steri strips were removed. Prior to that I didn't try to hide and I wouldnt dare hide it now. I am proud of what it signifies and by someone else seeing it and, asking questions.....it could help spark awareness in others. Prior to my own diagnosis.....I never even heard of thyroid cancer

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I have played around with make-up to hide it a bit. It was winter when I had my last surgery so I wore turtlenecks and scarves. It's healed up pretty good now. You can definitely still see it though and sometimes I want people to just see me as me and not stare at my neck. I don't usually worry about it. I do always keep sunscreen on it though. I believe you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable!

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I had surgery on August 25. I am proud of my scar and don't mind explaining to people why I have it. Perhaps others seeing my scar and and listening to my story will encourage them to get a thyroid exam!

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