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What is it with this leg pain?

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What is it with this leg pain? It’s now been over 7 months since my last chemo treatment and I still get that achy leg pain that just KILLS ya!! It’s not everyday like it was but at least 3 to 5 days a weeks it’s just killing me wit pain. Does anyone else get this? Is it from the Chemo or the 40 Radiation treatments I had?



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Brooks, my husband has been going back and forth to the ER and doc for the same pain. His pain is also in his lower left adomen and travels upward. Thank goodness yesterday I called the doc again (behind my husbands back) and schedule another appointment for him this morning. didn't say a word till I woke him at 7:00 a.m. to get ready. He was a little shocked. His doc did finally order a ct scan. He goes on Monday in the afternoon. The problem with my husband is that he has a bad back, fusions, and a lot of his pain is always said to be from his back. I don't feel that way. He had cancer for 5 years because we kept thinking the pain was caused by his back. WRONG!!!! after he had a total colonectomy, back pain disappeared pretty much. Aches here and there but nothing near what it was. Now all of sudden, leg pain, er docs said must be a pinched nerve. Well, it is going to be a touchy weekend here at home, but we will all breath a little easier on Monday night. I will keep you posted as to what they find, hopefully nothing, just old age creeping up on him!!!!! God Bless. Margaret

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Brooks, I forgot that when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, he had leg pain. They did an ultra sound and xrays, found blood clots in legs and in both lungs. I thank God for the pain, it saved his life. He is on coumadin and even though he is on a heavy dose daily, they still did an ultra sound on legs, no clots. Something you might want to question your doctor about. Take care. Margaret

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Ouch!! yep it really hurts. I did not have radiation so I think it is from chemo. It seems rest is the only thing that helps. Monday it hurt so bad I could hardly walk especially later in the day and wouldn't you know it that is when my husband kept calling me to the other end of the house to ask me questions. I have a bit of a theory, it is not a medical theory just personal thoughts, but Oxaliplatin is very "neurotoxic". I seem to want to fall down a lot, and my onc said it is because the oxi has distroyed the peripheral sensory nerves that we have in our limbs-in other words I tell my feet and legs where to go but they make other choices so down I go, so I think that oxi has also caused enough damage to cause this pain.

My husbands cousin had stomach cancer and he had neuropathy in his feet. He was given some sort of infra red(?) treatments to his feet and worked with a physical therapist. He would also talk about the intense pain he had in his legs.
I would ask my onc about this but she will either tell me it is not real or she will want to biopsy something (LOL).

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Hey Brooks - I have a different kind of leg pain. My left leg feels either numb, tingly, or prickly. Some nerves were cut during surgery and haven't grown back yet.

I wish Mr. Dribbles had a friend like Leaky.

Take care. Hope that leg gets better.


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