Taxotere with fluid retention lead to pleural effusions?

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Dad just had about 3L+ taken out of the pleural space. Most of the fluid came out a honey color but then the other half came out a reddish color. When they inserted the tube to drain they had a tough time & dad was writhing in pain. Could the reddish color be due to possibly hitting something & causing blood to enter the pleural space??

He is due to have the pleurodesis tomorrow & I was wondering.....
He is due to have his 2nd treatment of Taxotere on Monday or Tuesday. I have read that Taxotere can cause fluid retention. Can some of this fluid retention be in the lungs or pleural space? He had a thoracentesis 2 wks ago & because of this there is a possibility that the talc insertion will be about 80-90% effective, due to the fact that there is now an opening/weak spot(?). Will then this possible fluid retention be able to reach that vulnerable spot? His first treatment was carbo/pemetrexed, then cispl/gemcitabine.His adenocarcinoma is very resilient! Some good, some bad results on his PET scans .His oncologist was going to put him on Navelbine but decided to use Taxotere.
Anyone with thoughts on Taxotere versus Navelbine.

Thanks again my knowledgable friends.