Another new test!

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Just venting again guys. I've been having some continuing eye problems since I finished treatment last February with RCHOP. Saw my eye specialist yesterday and he isn't really happy about the changes he sees. Even though my tests are negative or inconclusive, due to my having pain on the right side of my head, he is ordering a brain mri. Jolly, now not only am I having a body CT and breast mri in a few days, I now need to schedule another mri. He also is sending me down to Stanford for some special eye tests. Seems he wants to rule out the possibility of cns nhl or bc mets. Seems like happy days are not here again. But I actually feel that this is much ado about nothing except adding stress to my life. Oh and adding big costs to the insurance company. Guess I need to fill my onc in though. Think I'll wait until after the CT when I phone for the results.
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    So sorry to hear this. When did you complete RCHOP? When I reported visual changes to my onc she stated that RCHOP can cause these changes and her recommendation would be that I NOT get new RX for lenses as the visual changes USUALLY reverse themselves. It's very annoying. It could be very expensive, like most people over 50, I wear Progressive lenses to see far, close, computer and all else in between. I'll try to hold off for as long as possible but, I spend lots of time reading.
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    new test
    Sorry to hear that, the hit's just keep on coming!!!!!! LOL Wishing you well Vinny