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Bleed post hysterectomy

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I am not sure what is normal and what is now, so I thought I'd ask. Right after surgery, I had minimal bleeding. I just spotted for a few days. However, in the past week or so, I have noticed that I a a bleeding a bit more- nothing a couple of pantiliners a day can't handle, but am wondering if I should call the doctor or if its normal.

I just worry about calling with every little thing when its nothing.

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Yes!!!!! call. It will make you feel better. All the best. June

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Yes do call as rather be preventative wouldn't you? Last time I had my Pap Smear, doc told me you might have some minor bleeding, that's okay. Most likely yours is nothing, but rather hear that from doc.

Best of luck!

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You should definitely call your surgeon. I had some pink spotting a few weeks post hysterectomy, and when had a hard bowel movement, ripped throgh my internal vaginal stitches. Went to the ER and was in OR in 30 minutes having my intestines pushed back up where they belonged since they had come through into the vagina. I had to have more internal stitches for almost 2 months. This is very rare, but you should check it out

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Thank you ladies. I called and they said it was normal, but to watch it in case it gets worse or something else feels funny.

You were all right, I feel much better.

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