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Tell me your story about your reocurrance of thyroid tissue in neck

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Did anyone out there have a reoccurance of thyroid tissue/cancer in their neck awhile after surgery?

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I had my original diagnosis and surgeries in September 2006 - Hurthle cell and small follicular tumors. Second surgery was a TT. In February 2010 I noticed a small lump on my neck. It was removed in May and was recurrant HCC. I also noticed a larger mass near my collar bone in May and just had a bilateral neck dissection that removed a large (4.5cm) HCC near my collar bone and another smaller HCC in the back of my neck. None of the lymph nodes that were removed were malignant. My understanding is that this is not unusual with HCC. My next step will be EBR.

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Best to you on the EBR Alice. It's not an easy thing, of course, but it is doable. I underwent 30 sessions last fall.

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I had total thyroidectomy on jul 23 2009. I again had recurring papillary carcinoma and again had lymph nodes removed on jul30th 2010. I thought you were asking if anyone had recurring cancer even after surgery, so I thought I should answer this.

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I thought I would share a little about my ca. First time had pap/foll and partial surgery in 1977. Everything was fine for a very long time. Then in 1995 I knew something was not right. I didn't feel well and started to have various symptoms. Well, after a FNB it had returned. Had TT and lymph nodes removed since it had spread outside the gland. Then I received RAI and was very sick. I was put on hospice and not given a long time. But as you can see, I am still here today. I now have another recurrance. I also am going through a lymphoma workup. Most of my symptoms are lymphoma symptoms. The only thy ca symptom is elevated tg. It should be undetectable. My story seems a bit different from most on this site, since I have had big gaps of time.

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