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Hubby had third Erbitux/Taxotere today

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

Basketcase here checking in. Charlie had his third of seven erbitux/taxotere treatments today on our birthday no less! Yes, we have the same birthday; he was 58 today and I was 57 today; but hey, if this takes care of it or at least gets it under control; it will be an awesome birthday! He's felt really good most of the time; as a matter of fact he said today, it was almost criminal for how good he felt! We met friends at a restaurant where your meal is free on your birthday; he didn't eat much as his taste and appetite are rather funky right now; but he thoroughly enjoyed the evening and Praise the Lord he sounds like himself again pretty much instead of like Froggy off the Little Rascals! Oh, and the big news is we are hopefully going to still be able to get insurance through his work when mine runs out Sept. 30 even though he's on LOA. Fabulous news. I'm not quite the basketcase I was three weeks ago. We know now what we're dealing with and what to specifically pray for and we have so many people and people's churches praying for us besides all of you. I believe it was Hondo who said have as many people praying for you as you can. I really am beginning to believe we're either going to beat this or get it under control one! Thanks so much again for your prayers, continued prayers, friendship and concern! We love y'all!

Jan and Charlie

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Happy Birthday to both of you. I am glad that both of you were able to get out and be with friends. Prayers Outbound.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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Congrats on things going so well. How did hubby handle the Erbitux, did he look like a teenager again? LOL I was terrible with my rashes. Again congrats Best wishes & Prayers

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Jan Trinks
Posts: 477
Joined: Apr 2009

Hi Dave:

No, Charlie hasn't looked like a teenager again yet. He's had some spots that may be the beginning of the rash but not sure yet. Did find out it could be as much as six weeks after the first erbitux treatment before the rash its. But we're on the lookout for it and do have a precription ready and waiting. Thanks for the best wishes and prayers.

Jan and Charlie

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Pam M
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So you were born on his first birthday? Guess that makes you a gift to him in more ways than one. do well.

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Congrats on Charlie doing so well! And Happy Birthday to both of you!!


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Glenna M
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Belated Happy Birthday to you and Charlie. Things are sounding pretty good and I hope they continue this way for both of you.

You wil both continue to be in my prayers.

Take care and stay strong,

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Fantastic to hear ure both doing well.
Happy belated and many many more together

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Happy Birthday to both of you and continued prayers!!


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Jan and Charlie, I wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm sure you both have many, many more to look forward to. Take care,
God bless you,

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