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New treatment for AML ?

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It's both sad and inspiring to read about your struggle against this disease, but there might be more hope during the next year or so.

I can't find that you have been discussing Ceplene + Interleukin-2 as a treatment for AML that have reached first remission.

This treatment was approved in Europe in 2008, and are launched in three countries by now.
United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.
Health Canada are reviewing this treatment right now and are suspected to give their verdict by the end of 2010.
A NDA (new drug application) was recently filed with FDA and the company that have developed this treatment have also filed for a priority review which, if granted, would open the door to get this treatment accepted and approved in USA by the first quarter 2011.

I certainly hope that you will get access to this treatment as fast as possible.

You can read more about Ceplene at EpiCept's website www.epicept.com

I wish you the very best and hope that those of you that have been diagnosed with AML come out of it successfully.

This morning my father that have been diagnosed with throat cancer (2007 and recurred recently) will get a major surgery to remove a major part of the throat and get it replaced with a vent. It have been a rollercoaster of emotions, but right know I'm happy that he get this surgery so he might recover from the cancer.

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I will be praying for your dad!

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Thanks farahi...

Doctors said the operation went according the plan and that all of the tumor was removed.
Will meet my father again in a couple of days. Friday ?
He will be under intensive care until Thursday, so the family are not allowed to visit until the intensive care period have ended.

My thoghts are with him all the time...

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