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1st scan since trials

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share a little about my experiences with drug trials at UCSF. I am on 2 approved drugs (avastin and the old chemo drug Cyclophosphamide and a new test drug Gleevec. I saw the Dr. at UCSF today and they consider my situation as "stable". I still have small nogles on both lungs, but no new ones! There is a very tiny bit of growth, but they are not even sure if that was growing during the 1 month gap between my last scan and the start of treatment, or if it is just the way the scans shows the slices. Anyway, my Dr. was very pleased and I am okay to stay on the trial for another 2 months until we scan again. I keep saying I am ok with it all as long as they don't continue to grow, but I will admit I am a bit saddened to know they didn't shrink at all. I feel so good it is difficult to believe I even have this awful stuff and I do know I am blessed. I have lost all of the achiness I had previously had and have no other side affects! Anyway, I really want to encourage anyone that gets an opportunity to try a trial, do it! I drive from my home in Chico to SF 2 times a month(about 3 1/2 each way) but I feel it is the best option for me at this time! As the Dr. said hopefully this will buy time to find the drug that really will work for me! Anyway, I plan to fight and keep fighting!!! Jean

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Good luck on your trials,they may not have shrank,but they didn't grow either.As long as it's working,mine didn't shrink untill after I stopped chemo,and radiation for a month.Good luck.

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Thanks for letting us know how it is going. I am glad the nodules are not growing. Maybe the next scan will show the shrinkage you are looking for! Take good care.

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Paula G.
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Sounds good...As someone said to me, I believe it was Craig Stable is good. I know you want more but we take what we can get. I hope your next scan will show that the suckers have shrunk. Paula

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Hi Jean,best wishes and best luck to you with your trial.Hope you will have a very successful result.Take care.

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Good luck. Believe me, stable is better than growth. Keep fighting

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We all need to here things like this. I know I would like to hear that the trial had taken care of all your cancer, but hope of even stability is good to hear.

Thank you for sharing, and here to hoping with the next scans all those little monsters will be gone.

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Hi Jean,

I'm glad there was no new growth and you'll be staying on the trial a bit more.
I'm curious... what are the side effects you've experienced with the Gleevec? I've heard about it and new options to take are always on my mind for the future. What about the other drug (the Cyclo something or other)?

Yes, keep fighting, as I am too!

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Hi Jean,

Thank you for sharing this good news. I wish you'd received even better news (shrinkage, disappearance) but as others have said: stable is good. And, delighted that you are finding the side effects OK and that you will be able to continue with the clinical trial. That is excellent. Early days, early days: I bet that drug combo is gonna kick in BIG TIME really soon!

Next week I have my first scan since starting a new chemo regime (not a clinical trial, but a new regime for me: Xeliri). I keep telling myself, there are 4 options: the mets have disappeared, shrunk, stayed the same, or grown/multiplied. And I will accept with pleasure any of the first three.

Thanks for sharing your new with us all - especially us quivering idiots who are facing scans or awaiting results. You give hope.


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