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Can I ask for a prayer or two?

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I have a former co-worker who is a care worker for a remarkable young woman? 3 years ago her daughter was battling a "glioma" of some sort that was wrapped around her tiny brain stem. This child was in kindergarten. After removing what they could surgically, chemo was administered, and they said that she would be fine. Wrong. IT came back with a vengence. She had radiation and chemo again, and it's.......................gone!!! This child is cancer free for what will be 4 years in a few months.

The sad part of this story is that the child's mother is very ill. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer (sorry, don't know what type) in January, was told it was Stage II, but "go forth and live, you will be fine." Wrong again. Three months ago, she was back at her onc's., and after tests, she was diagnosed at Stage IV, with tumors in her brain and abdomin. So, they started her on chemo.

I received an email today that told me that Karen's tumors are infiltrating her spleen, and her "good" kidney is trying to fail. Seh will see her onc. tomorrow, and I think is looking at hospice. I am in tears.

May I ask for prayers here, in the hopes that she receives more courage, peace, comfort, and strength as she moves toward what could be her final chapter in her wonderful life.

Thank you.

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Oh my, how incredibly difficult for both Mother & Child to be battling this. I pray that God heals and comforts and provides strength.

Bless YOU for your caring heart.

They are in my prayers,


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Prayers are on the way for Karen

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Glenna M
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Karen and her family will be in my prayers.

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My goodness...of course she has all of the prayers, well-wishes, positive vibes, good karma~ anything and everything we can muster to give your friend all she needs at this juncture in her life's journey.


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