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Good News!!!

dennis318's picture
Posts: 349
Joined: Feb 2010

Well, I just came from the doc today. No Cancer, My breathing airway has opened, infection gone. game plan, 2 more weeks of medication for safety, 2 weeks off, and we are going to rewmove this trach in my thtroat permantley, YES!!!!!!I Got rid of one doctor, and will be down to one medication in 2 weeks, I had to share, it's been a rough year, and very hard, I am going to make this..Thanks everyone..Dennis In TN,

miccmill's picture
Posts: 248
Joined: May 2010

Oh Dennis, that is some wonderful news to hear.

So glad you're progressing now. Keep up the great work.

JUDYV5's picture
Posts: 392
Joined: Jun 2010

What wonderful news !!!

stevenl's picture
Posts: 587
Joined: Jan 2010

Hey Dennis,

That is great to hear! Hang in there and keep fighting!!


rush1958's picture
Posts: 216
Joined: Jul 2010

Good to hear!

You've had a pretty rough go of it. It's great to hear that things are looking up for you.


Greg53's picture
Posts: 848
Joined: Apr 2010

Great to hear the good news! Keep moving forward!


Hondo's picture
Posts: 6643
Joined: Apr 2009

Words can’t describe how happy I am for you, keep on keeping on

Take care my friend

friend of Bill
Posts: 87
Joined: Mar 2010

A great report. Congratulations on a huge milestone. You are on the recovery road!


pattyanny's picture
Posts: 544
Joined: Jul 2009

Oh, I am so happy for your good news and healing! Congrats & stay strong Dennis!
Love & Prayers, Patty

Kimba1505's picture
Posts: 557
Joined: Apr 2010

That is the most awesome news. I know you have suffered so terribly through this treatment. You hung in there and now the results are good. I am soooooo happy to hear your "Good News"!!!!!

Hal61's picture
Posts: 655
Joined: Dec 2009

So happy to hear you've gotten a deserved break Dennis!

Irishgypsie's picture
Posts: 333
Joined: May 2010

So happy to hear you got some good news! It's all in GODS hands now!!!! :)

Pam M's picture
Pam M
Posts: 2196
Joined: Nov 2009

Wow - when it rains, it pours. So happy for you - getting so much good news at once. Wonderful. Be well.

Glenna M's picture
Glenna M
Posts: 1576
Joined: May 2009

Dennis, it's great to hear that things are finally going good for you. After what you have been through you definitely deserve it.

Stay well,

Scambuster's picture
Posts: 973
Joined: Nov 2009

Whoa Great news Dennis. You deserve some good news and break and this is nice start. Great to hear.

When you say you got rid rid of one doctor, do you mean or think he was holding you back ??


D Lewis's picture
D Lewis
Posts: 1576
Joined: Jan 2010

So happy to hear it.


Posts: 363
Joined: Feb 2010

Really Really glad for you since all of the complications you have had. Great
Best Wishes

Joel4's picture
Posts: 256
Joined: May 2010

That was one heck of an office visit. From what I have read you have been through so much so to get this news must have been one of the happiest moments of your life. I'm very happy for you.

God bless

delnative's picture
Posts: 450
Joined: Aug 2009

Thanks for brightening my day.

--Jim in Delaware

Jan Trinks's picture
Jan Trinks
Posts: 477
Joined: Apr 2009


That is great news. I'm from TN too, but we live in GA. Charlie had his third of seven erbitux/taxotere treatments today on our birthday no less! Yes, we have the same birthday, I am 57 today and he is 58 today! But great news for you and I know you are happy! God Bless!

Jan and Charlie

thegirlfriend's picture
Posts: 147
Joined: Sep 2009

so so happy for you!!

lady4darknight's picture
Posts: 90
Joined: May 2010

Dennis, AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I know you have to be thrilled. Can't wait for the day my trache can come out. It's news like yours that gives me hope. So very happy for you.


debbiejeanne's picture
Posts: 3095
Joined: Jan 2010

Dennis, I am so happy to hear you sounding so positive!! It's about time things started going better for you. We will all celebrate when the trach is finally removed for good!!! Take care friend.
God Bless,

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