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thank you from Andyw

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it has been a while since i wrote last and i want to say thank you to all the people who were kind enough to share with me and give me support. it is nice to know that there are people out there who understand. i have been trying to do more to help myself but it is difficult when i am depressed my doctor put me on antidepreeants and therapy is in the works....precerts and all that annoying stuff. i have thrush in my mouth really bad and nothing so far is helping. Any suggestions??? my family worries about me when i start to not take care of myself, but it is hard. i am tired of all this!!!

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Hi Andy, glad to see you back and posting. I'm about four months out of treatment, and have had thrush a couple of times. Each time my doctor prescibed a commonly used anti fungus drug called Diflucan. It works. Give the antidepressent time to work. I take one also, but most of them take two weeks or more to show results. I get counseling also, and it's helpful. Everyone gets tires of it Andy, and everyone feels better as time goes on. Give time a chance, and in the meantime keep yourself up. I also take care of myself, and try to keep myself up, because I know I will have better days. You are lucky to have family who care about your welfare, and you can be of help to them now by taking care of your health.

best, Hal

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Hi Andy. Thanks for posting.

The treatments we've received are brutal for a reason. Without such vast tissue damage it's hard to say that the cancer would be eradicated. That's the trade off. The recovery is going to be long, but you will survive and all will back to mostly normal in a few months.

I had thrush for 2 months. Nothing would touch it. I had diflucan x2, nystatin, and then some lozenges. I think my body finally kicked in and fought it off.

I am 16.5 weeks post treatment and I still cannot swallow so all I eat is through the feeding tube. The mucus is still troublesome and the dry mouth of course and the tinnitus, but I am happy because I get to work in my garden, play with my kids, and kiss my wife for which I am grateful. The alternative is that I would be dead so I am glad they did the full Monty on me.

Glad to hear you are in therapy. It can help a lot.



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I have battled thrus from the first treatment. The medicine I was recently put on is a
generic called Fluconazole. It seems to be working.

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Hang in there Andy. It can be tough and the feeling can be debilitating, but know that things will improve a little a first, then in bigger steps. Don't be too hard on yourself, you been given an almighty thump. You will get through this. Do your meds and group and affirmations and get your routine working. Step by step.

Let us know how your doing.

susan smiles
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Dear Andy, I don't see anything alternative here, but just want to let you know that this will help and is very effective. Olive leaf extract organic. Hope it will help you.

Sincerely Susan

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... worked for me. I had thrush twice, and next to the mucus when treatment ended, thrush was about the most miserable part of my treatment. Worse than chemo, worse than rads or the PEG.
I hope you kick its a*s and send it on its way.
Good luck.

--Jim in Delaware

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