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Last Day of Radiation today

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Hubby had last radiation treatment today. All in all has done really well. About a twenty pound weight loss but is still taking all nutrition by mouth. No PEG tube. Sore throat but never lost his voice. Had terrible radiation burns at weeks 4 and 5 but they healed really quickly (may have been allergic to prescription creams and aloe!). Skin looks great, huge relief at not having to go everyday and looking forward to recovering taste and saliva. Thanks to everyone here for answering questions and giving 'heads up' on treatment expectations, etc. Hoping for clear scans in the next couple of months and to living life as a survivor! Prayers to everyone on the site and appreciation for your openness and bravery.
Jen and Mark

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Your husband is a survivor!!!! The next couple weeks will be hard as the radiation still is in his system. Hang in there

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It always feels good to reached a milestone. It may not show for about two more weeks, but you'll start to feel better soon.

Hang in there!


Kent Cass
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A definite Congratulations you and and your husband. Might take a little while to realize it, but the worst is over. Just keep focusing on the Positive as you move forward.



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Yes it was one of the best days of my treatment, my last!! Keep on fighting, and I'm wishing the best for you both.


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No PEG, still eating, last day of treatments! Awesome. Here's to a speedy recovery!!

Positive thoughts to you and everyone!


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Congratulation's to you both! Now is the time for rest & healing! Lucky to be able to eat & manage without the Peg. That is a feat in itself!

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Glad to see you crossed the finish line, all the best on the up-coming PET’s

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Hey Jen and Mark,
The end of treatment starts a new beginning of recovery...a journey in and of itself. Congratulations to Mark of saying goodbye to that mask, and kudos to you Jen for helping him through treatment. My best to you both as you continue on in this process!!!

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Congrats on finishing! You should be proud of yourself! Now on to the next chapter! HEALING!! :)

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Glenna M
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Jen and Mark, Congrats!! Now comes the recovery time which I am sure you will sail through. You are both survivors!!

Keep up the good work,

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Happy to hear Mark is through the mill. Stay well for the climb out and recovery period.


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Jen and Mark, I'm very happy for you that the trmnts are over!!! That is a huge accomplishment. Recovery can be trying at times so hang in there, it will get better.
God Bless,

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Hope all is going well....

Hot days for now, cooler nights for sure. But in a few months with cooler weather Mark will be back out there during the day slinging baits.

Congrats Jen & Mark

Best Always,

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Way to go Mark and Jen,

I will never, ever forget my last day of radiation. I was in pretty sad shape, but happy and relieved. At my treatment center all who complete rads "ring the bell"...and I let it rip!

I'm now 12 weeks post treatment. The week or two after treatment for me was still pretty rough, but every week get better. First CT scan after treatment...all clear. Very emotional to hear that!

Been back to work almost full time the last three weeks, started back part time at week eight. No peg for me either. I'm now down to one or two Ensure a day, eating o.k., still not much saliva but, knock on wood, I think some may be returning. Taste is at 50%-75%.

Best to all.

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