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It's my wedding anniversary!

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Joined: Oct 2009

Today my husband + I celebrate 24 years of marriage. We are planning to go out to a local restaurant for dinner.

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Sounds wonderful, congrats on the 24 years, a nice quiet dinner...now ..what about after dinner?????

Hugs- Tina

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on your 24th. Next year will be a special one, your 25th.

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Congrats on 24 years!! What a great day it is. Enjoy dinner and whatever may come afterwards!! :)

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Happt anniversary,enjoy another 24 years.Enjoy your dinner.

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Congratulations on 24 years and hoping you enjoy your dinner out.


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Best wishes for a wonderful night. Margaret

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Have a wonderful day and evening


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I totally applaud you, it is something to be so very proud of...I hope you both have another 24 + years together...its great seeing such wonderful relationships here on this board....gives us all hope....

Enjoy your evening...


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Congratulations Anne!! Have a great dinner.


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Awesome! Congratulations! Hope the dinner was fabulous.


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Well some good news! I love to hear it! I hope you guys celebrate many many more together.


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Happy, happy anniversary!!!!

Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

Thanks everyone for your warm wishes and good thoughts. We went to a beautiful restaurant down by the water (we live ~ 5 minutes from Lake Ontario) and watched the sailboats, roller-bladers, walkers, runners etc., as we had a table by the window. We both had the same meal - caesar salad as an appetizer + salmon as the main course, with springrolls, bok choy, mushrooms + a delicious sauce. We each had two glasses of a fabulous California chardonnay - decadent!

Today I went for treatment but my neutrophils were too low so I was delayed until next week. I am feeling pretty tired, so hopefully the break will help energize me. Although I don't like it when my treatment is delayed......

Fight for my love
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Happy anniversary!

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